Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!  We at The Tabernacle are here to make certain that your wedding day is as beautiful as you always dreamed it would be.  It is our utmost desire that you develop a lasting, happy marriage.  We recognize that because your marriage is a religious rite, one of the most important members of your wedding party is the officiating pastor. Your government recognizes this when it gives pastors the authority to legally marry people.  In addition to the legal responsibility placed on the pastor, there are also spiritual responsibilities relevant to the nature of your marriage.

Since you are about to make a lifelong commitment to one person, the Tabernacle Pastoral Staff is committed to protecting the sanctity of that relationship by making your wedding ceremony sacred and worshipful. Our goal is to do all that we can to assist you as a couple to successfully meet the many challenges of married life.  For this reason, the pastor that you choose to officiate will want to counsel with you concerning your approaching marriage; we want to be sure that you realize fully the responsibilities of this covenant relationship.  

While most weddings are performed either in the Sanctuary or the Prayer Center, the pastors are willing to officiate your ceremony at a venue of your choice.  Please contact Pastor JoAnn Angelo, Director of Pastoral Care at (716) 712-1707, or, to secure the date and time of the ceremony. She will also contact your choice of officiating Pastor to confirm his/her availability.

A wedding coordinator will be available to see that very detail is carried out exactly as you wish, once you have decided to hold your wedding here at The Tabernacle.

Ministry Leader

Pastor JoAnn Angelo
Director of Pastoral Care