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TAB Blog: What is Your Story?

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

What is your story?

A Presbyterian pastor from Chattanooga TN, a former newsman, aired a weekly broadcast entitled “Changed Lives!” Each broadcast would tell the story about an individual’s life that was changed after their encounter with the living God. The emphasis was not placed upon them being prepared to go to heaven when they passed, but rather on how that encounter changed the individual’s life while on earth. As I recall, the individuals were primarily those we could relate to in our every day journey through life. Individuals that faced the same challenges, tragedies, and fears that we do today.

The essence of the stories was not an emphasis on the severity of their situation, nor how bad someone was before their life was changed, instead it was based on what that person’s life was afterward. The real story is about people meeting God in their life’s journey, and forever being changed.

Scriptures have recorded many instances of what happened to a person after their encounter.
•SAMARITAN WOMAN AT THE WELL – Dysfunctional, disastrous lifestyle, and broken, but changed when she meets Jesus;
•BLIND BARTIMAEUS – When he heard Jesus was near, he cried out and was healed;
•WOMAN WITH AN ISSUE OF BLOOD – After unsuccessfully using her resources to resolve her situation. “If I even touch his garments …”
•SAUL/PAUL – In the process of doing what he thought was his religious duty, he is instantly transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

These are some of the better known individuals, but there are many more whose names may not be known outside a small circle of family or friends. However, their lives and testimonies have made a difference in the others, and eternity.

Have you ever wondered how you will make it through a situation, or whether your life has any significance? When going through those difficulties, or dry places in life, please remember that God has not abandoned you, nor does He consider you as insignificant. This morning, a person with such a testimony, or in need of hearing one to restore hope, may be sitting next to you.

An encounter with Him is not just for our enjoyment and benefit, but to also share the goodness of God with those that we associate with in our daily lives. Our world is anxiously seeking something that will bring sense to senseless situations. This is especially so as the world’s gods crumble before their eyes. Your story glorifying our God is waiting to be shared. It could bring hope to someone who needs it restored in their life. Have you thought about your story?

The Jubilee Ministry Leadership has chosen to highlight personal testimonies as part of the program portion of our Luncheons. We recognized that many in our congregation have a great story to share.

Please consider joining us at the next Jubilee Luncheon to see and hear about Changed Lives!


Pastor Allen Baun

TAB Blog: The Anointing of God

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Dear Tabernacle Family,
Good Morning

It is an awesome privilege to share with you what we believe God is doing in this season. This is a personal invitation for you to join us every Wednesday Evening at 7:00pm in the World Prayer Center, where we worship the Lord, study the Word, minister healing prayer, and have high expectations that God is doing wondrous things among us! The premise for this “Healing Service” is we believe because the promise of the Holy Spirit is to the “End of the Age” and the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit are still active in the church, that miracles were not only for yesterday, but they are for today and tomorrow should the Lord tarry.

We are studying together that God is a benevolent, kind, caring, compassionate, and generous God who has blessed each of us with gifts and talents. Because He is a “get ‘er done” God, He expects us to use those gifts and talents to advance His Kingdom and see lives changed. Jesus said, “You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon you and then you shall be my witnesses.” The result of that Scripture was unprecedented revival accompanied by shocking miracles of healing and multitudes being added to the Lord.

Our key Scripture is John 14:12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” God wants to do extraordinary things through your life and we believe this can be a time of preparation for you. He will give you the ability, faith and tools needed to accomplish His plans for your life. It’s time to get ready to come face to face with “The Anointing of God” in a way that you have never experienced before because “The Kingdom of God is at hand!” Mark 16:20 and they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.


Pastor Jo Ann Angelo – Teacher

Laura Sweet – Worship Leader

Kathy Black – Live Stream Prayer

TAB Blog: God is on the Move!

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

Happy Harvest Tabernacle Family!!

It is with great pleasure that I reach out to you at the start of this 2019 autumn season. Harvest time has come! It is time to reap things that have been sown. It is a season of fruit, much fruit; a season of fruit that remains! It is time to exact our efforts to fill our barns and experience the fruit of our labor.

Our God is clearly on the move! Our nation and the nations of this world are in the midst of a divine shaking. Every sphere of influence is in a struggle for control. This shaking is exposing the deception, and the tug of war that has held its grip on the morality of the globe. We as believers stand fixed and confident that this earth belongs to our God. The fullness of this earth is His! Our God reigns over America! The Lord God Almighty has not forsaken His people or planet earth! He is stilling speaking! His people will hear, obey and prosper! Hallelujah!

The body of Christ has begun to taste what it is to come together in the unity of our faith. By the grace of God we will be a Kingdom people with divinely knitted hearts joined together in Kingdom purpose and we will be the united force in the earth that will transform culture!! The people who walk in darkness will see great light!

Here at the Tabernacle we have recently seen change in the appearance of our leadership team but the vision and the purpose remains the same. Our five-fold apostolic team is moving forward into the plans and purposes of God.

With that our Home Life Groups with a five-fold purpose are gathering together in unity to purposefully dive into the book study, The Return to Authentic Christianity, by our very own Bishop Robert Stearns. Bishop Robert co-authored the book with Chuck D. Pierce and Larry Kreider. The study is an in-depth look at 12 vital issues facing today’s Church.

Topics include: Emergence of the gray church * Hunger for the basics * Harassment of the Church * Anti-Semitism * Redesigning the Church * Changing complexion of church leadership

“Return to Authentic Christianity is a thorough examination of some of the most critical issues affecting the modern Church.”

WE NEED YOU!! Signups are underway!!

With much love,

Sherry Jankowski

TAB Blog: Seasons Change

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

As we continue to say goodbye to the summer and 2019 moves on, time is not something that we can slow down or hit the pause button for.

Seasons continue to come and go, life continues to change. Although we can’t control the speed at which life passes by, what we can control is the shifting that is taking place.

Ask yourself, what is shifting and who am I aligning myself with? What are those dreams that I need to pick back up? What are those idols that I want to lose completely from my soul? Who has God called me to be, and where am I going with it all?

I used to hate change, but as I’ve grown, I’ve begun to see the beauty in the discomfort we experience through change. The beauty that we experience in the midst of dwelling in raw places. As we challenge ourselves to walk into the deep waters; as we face the shifting that may seem to only result in discomfort; may we be a people who learn to seek challenges, who seek the new Godly assignments, so that we may continue to shift into the warriors that the Father has called us to be.

Father, help us to shift and align ourselves as time moves by. As the seasons change, may our collective hearts desire be to embrace the new and unfamiliar paths.

In His Name,

Andrew Thiel

Director of Young Adults

Tab Blog: We Must Be Determined

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We must be determined to run the race that is ahead of us. 2 We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete. excerpts from Hebrews 12:1-2 (CEV) Today is our Community Commitment day and I would like to take you back to one of my favorite scenes from the Bible. Peter and the disciples in Matthew 14:22-23 were in a boat during a storm when Jesus came walking across the water toward them. At first, they were frightened until they recognized Jesus. Peter was excited and asked Jesus to allow him to walk on the water. All was good until Peter took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink. Jesus then had to play lifeguard, rescue Peter and haul him into the boat. We have often heard WHAT IF? What if Peter kept his eyes on Jesus. The other disciples would have probably exited the boat and all been dancing on the Sea of Galilee. What a cool picture. What happens when faith fails. What happens when our humanity comes through. The revelation of God’s deity is revealed. As Peter and Jesus climbed into the boat, the disciples began to worship Jesus and say, “You really are the Son of God.” In our weakness, He is made strong. In learning from Peter, we find forgiveness, humility and the spotlight turning in the right direction to Jesus. We learn that our faith is made complete only inChrist and not from us because we would be too proud.

Now replay this story and the biblical truths… What if this lesson were taught in our Nursery ministries, our Preschool Ministries, our IGNITE elementary kids, our ARK Youth, ACTIVATE Young Adults, the numerous Bible Studies and Sanctuary Ministries? What if our challenge were to focus on Jesus from our YOUNGEST WORSHIPPERS to our JUBILEE SENIORS? With a resounding YES, it does. Faith is taught from the high chair to the pew, the couch to the classroom, the church to the home. Our community of faith is spanning the generations and no one is to be left out. Today we are challenged with our commitment to be involved to make faith at the forefront of our families and our church. Our commitment to give not only of our tithe but our time and talent is on the spotlight. How will you use your talent, time and resources to enable the spotlight of this house to focus on Jesus? It takes a team. Find your place and start shining the light.

Yours for the Kingdom,
Pastor Sharon Baldwin