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Sunday 9/9/18 10AM Service

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Bishop Robert Stearns,

“The Spirit of the Lord would speak to this people, the Lord would say prepare yourself, for I am about to do a new thing in your midst and the Spirit of God would say to this people, think not that what I am about to do is familiar to you, for you have not been this way before. For I the Lord are about to interrupt your lives, I am about to interrupt your patterns, I am about to interrupt your methods, I am about to interrupt your normal, for I the Lord am about to step down and bring you to a new place says God. So prepare yourself for you are about to cross over, out of the old and into the new. My presence is going before you and making a way for you but you must not camp with the baggage of your past, you must leave the baggage of your past behind and move into the forward glory of the new. So think not that you have been this way before, think not that it will be the way it has been before, for I the Lord am calling you, and drawing you to cross the river of your experience into the new land of your promise”.

Pastor Mark Passarella,

“I heard the phrase holy invasion, there is a holy invasion, I see light invading darkness, holy light, I hear the Lord saying do not be distracted by the gross darkness that is covering the earth, but there is a holy invasion of light that is shinning and the dawn, awake, awake oh sleeper, its time, awake awake oh sleeper its time”.

(In the 6-7 o’clock Tabernacle of David time prior to the evening service Laura Arcadipane sang a prophetic song with the same words, “awake oh sleeper”)

Bishop Joe DiSarno,

“The Lord said this is a time of break through, this is a time of exponential progression, I have been shaping and forming you for this day. I am making here in this ground a throne room company. A company that has learned to bask in My presence, to receive from My heart, that they might place the trumpet to their lips and blow the trumpet in Zion, too call for the assembly of the holy ones, that the might run to and fro on the earth and announce that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. This is a day when the gospel of the Kingdom shall be proclaimed to the nations, this a day, the end can not come until My Kingdom has been proclaimed in a way that has not been understood in the past. I shall pull away the veil, My Kingdom shall be the word of the day not only for a few, but many will come to the place of understanding and revelation and it shall bring a spiritual revelation to the nations of the world says the Lord. For this is the day, this is the hour so fear not what you see around you, the fear that is being mongered through out the nations, although it looks like confusion and chaos, I am on my throne, I am in control, thus says the Lord”.