We’re excited that you have taken this step to check out The Tabernacle.

Whether you are simply visiting our web-site, or have been to one of our services and are looking to more deeply connect, we want to get to know you more and learn how we can walk together on your spiritual journey.

Each of the stages are based on the Old Testament Tabernacle and move progressively from Connect, to Clarify, to Commit, to Covenant.

Entrance Gate > Enter

Hi, and welcome to The Tabernacle! You may be simply checking us out, or you may have already attended a service or two and are just looking for more info. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, this site will tell you about some great ministries and resources that will help you move forward in your relationship with God. We’re glad you’ve taken this first step, and now we’re looking forward to connecting with you in the days ahead.

Outer Court > Approach

Visiting a website is one thing, but taking the next step is vitally important. The Bible is big on relationships, especially our relationship with God and with one another. We want to encourage you to take the next step to find out more about The Tab, not only by checking out this site, but by visiting one of our services. As you do, you’ll discover for yourself the great things God is doing and learn how you can experience the joy of belonging.

Holy Place > Engage

Attending church services is one thing, but actively engaging and becoming part of the life of a Church is quite another. Your choice to commit will connect you personally with leaders who can help you to determine the best track to take for continued personal growth and development. This decision will bring you into deeper relationships with others, and into the fuller, more purposeful life you’ve been searching for.

Holy of Holies > Encounter

Covenant is the highest form of relationship. It speaks of healthy, trustworthy, life-giving relationships that are proven by time and circumstance. We’re confident, that as you join us in investing your heart in Kingdom relationships, and press more fully into your walk with the God of Covenant, the result will be your deepest fulfillment and your highest joy.

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