Hospitality Team

The Hospitality team at the Tabernacle has one goal, to make everyone who walks through our doors feel welcomed and part of our family. Think of family and many thoughts fill our minds. Some are good and others not good, depending on our experiences. Many with good memories feel blessed, while others struggle. But God created us to be family people. We have our immediate family, work family, church family, club family, etc. But God also has a family. As Christians we were accepted, faults and all, when He adopted us as sons & daughters. One day we look forward to joining our heavenly family, but what about now? The Tabernacle has always been a family church and that is part of our legacy, passed down from Bishop Reid and now flowing through our senior leaders. We want to embrace each person the Lord sends our way, with love, respect and friendship, but also to let them know that our family has a place for them. A place were they can find peace and rest, while growing in relationships and purpose with the Lord and each other.

How is this accomplished:
This is a ministry that cannot accomplish its goal with a few dedicated individuals, but with hundreds who were at one time visitors themselves, who have come to experience and appreciate the importance of being a family and the impact it has made in their lives. The Hospitality Groups include greeters at the doors, walkways. Christian Education Dept., along with our Café volunteers, Welcome Desk, altar ministry team, bookstore volunteers, tour guides, security & safety team, food pantry, food set-up and service, ushers and our sanctuary pew greeters.

Times we operate:
At this time we operate mainly at the 8 am and 10 pm Sunday services and special events as scheduled throughout the year.

Target Demographic:  
Everyone and anyone who is willing to demonstrate the unconditional love of God to His children and to greet, meet and develop relationships with others.

Contact Person:
Bob Bruch

Contact Information:
Phone # 716-691-7808  or 716-361-5485

Why should people Volunteer in your ministry?:
The Hospitality teams are the easiest way to get involved, the best way to meet people, develop relationships and become a part of the Tabernacle family. We have space for everyone to serve before, during or after the services, on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We work with your schedule and availability. Besides the areas listed, we also have team members, who sit in the pews with name tags, who are encouraged to talk with, greet and get to know the people who sit around them. It’s important to engage people at the entrances, café, welcome desk and bookstore, but meeting & greeting the people that sit in your area is a critical part of the family atmosphere we enjoy and the more people we can get on the team the better. Speaking with and greeting those who are new to the Tabernacle or visit for the first time can make a big difference in how they view our family. We have many team members, who decided to make the Tabernacle their home and now serve faithfully, because someone came over to meet them, learn their names, maybe their activities, interests or hobbies. Someone took the time to talk with them. That person can be you and a simple act of kindness can change a person’s life.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Opportunities are available in all the areas mentions above, including the Welcome Information Center,  greeters at all entrances, the café, the bookstore, campus security & safety, the food pantry, food set-up & service, ushers, pew greeters, altar workers and parking lot greeters

Ministry Leader

Pastor JoAnn Angelo
Director of Pastoral Care