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TAB Blog: Focus on Him

By January 12, 2020Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

In the age of screens, virtual reality, instagram, youtube and pinterest, I wonder what the affect of a barrage of images has on our souls.

One of the conclusions I’m coming to is – God knew our human souls live cleaner and healthier when we live off WORDS rather than IMAGES. This is one of God’s intents of the 2nd Commandment.

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images, nor bow down to them” is an abbreviated form of the second commandment. Some bible versions say,”thou shall not worship any idol.”

Although no single biblical passage contains a complete definition of idolatry, the subject is addressed in numerous passages, so that idolatry may be summarized as the worship of idols or images.

In a day of millions of images, we may have metaphorically returned to the days of Abraham. This modern version of the ancient polytheistic culture is packaged differently but functions the same. I’m not saying that all images are gods, but it is something to think about and consider. What are all these images doing to our souls and our ability to hear words?

Jesus taught us that, “man does not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD.” Every word that proceeds from the Father.

So as we step into this new year. Let us commit to return to words. Let us return to The Word, The Bible. Let us return to words in books or audio books. Let us return to words with friends and family over coffee or at a dinner table. Let’s return to listening to words.

I’m believing that 20/20 vision in the year 2020 is going to come not from getting new eyes, but from opening our ears. When we hear, we move our head to the sound and look in a different direction. As the Holy Spirit whispers to us in our reading and listening, we will get new vision. As we listen and respond, our eyes move from what we were looking at to what we should be looking at. I think we’ll find, it wasn’t new vision we needed after all, just new focus and new perspective.

In 2020, the year of 20/20 vision, we will see most clearly if we return to listening. Let’s listen for the Word this year!

God Bless,

Pastor Mark Passarella