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TAB Blog: What is Your Story?

By October 13, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

What is your story?

A Presbyterian pastor from Chattanooga TN, a former newsman, aired a weekly broadcast entitled “Changed Lives!” Each broadcast would tell the story about an individual’s life that was changed after their encounter with the living God. The emphasis was not placed upon them being prepared to go to heaven when they passed, but rather on how that encounter changed the individual’s life while on earth. As I recall, the individuals were primarily those we could relate to in our every day journey through life. Individuals that faced the same challenges, tragedies, and fears that we do today.

The essence of the stories was not an emphasis on the severity of their situation, nor how bad someone was before their life was changed, instead it was based on what that person’s life was afterward. The real story is about people meeting God in their life’s journey, and forever being changed.

Scriptures have recorded many instances of what happened to a person after their encounter.
•SAMARITAN WOMAN AT THE WELL – Dysfunctional, disastrous lifestyle, and broken, but changed when she meets Jesus;
•BLIND BARTIMAEUS – When he heard Jesus was near, he cried out and was healed;
•WOMAN WITH AN ISSUE OF BLOOD – After unsuccessfully using her resources to resolve her situation. “If I even touch his garments …”
•SAUL/PAUL – In the process of doing what he thought was his religious duty, he is instantly transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

These are some of the better known individuals, but there are many more whose names may not be known outside a small circle of family or friends. However, their lives and testimonies have made a difference in the others, and eternity.

Have you ever wondered how you will make it through a situation, or whether your life has any significance? When going through those difficulties, or dry places in life, please remember that God has not abandoned you, nor does He consider you as insignificant. This morning, a person with such a testimony, or in need of hearing one to restore hope, may be sitting next to you.

An encounter with Him is not just for our enjoyment and benefit, but to also share the goodness of God with those that we associate with in our daily lives. Our world is anxiously seeking something that will bring sense to senseless situations. This is especially so as the world’s gods crumble before their eyes. Your story glorifying our God is waiting to be shared. It could bring hope to someone who needs it restored in their life. Have you thought about your story?

The Jubilee Ministry Leadership has chosen to highlight personal testimonies as part of the program portion of our Luncheons. We recognized that many in our congregation have a great story to share.

Please consider joining us at the next Jubilee Luncheon to see and hear about Changed Lives!


Pastor Allen Baun