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TAB Blog: Seasons Change

By September 22, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

As we continue to say goodbye to the summer and 2019 moves on, time is not something that we can slow down or hit the pause button for.

Seasons continue to come and go, life continues to change. Although we can’t control the speed at which life passes by, what we can control is the shifting that is taking place.

Ask yourself, what is shifting and who am I aligning myself with? What are those dreams that I need to pick back up? What are those idols that I want to lose completely from my soul? Who has God called me to be, and where am I going with it all?

I used to hate change, but as I’ve grown, I’ve begun to see the beauty in the discomfort we experience through change. The beauty that we experience in the midst of dwelling in raw places. As we challenge ourselves to walk into the deep waters; as we face the shifting that may seem to only result in discomfort; may we be a people who learn to seek challenges, who seek the new Godly assignments, so that we may continue to shift into the warriors that the Father has called us to be.

Father, help us to shift and align ourselves as time moves by. As the seasons change, may our collective hearts desire be to embrace the new and unfamiliar paths.

In His Name,

Andrew Thiel

Director of Young Adults