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Tab Blog: Generals of the Faith

By August 20, 2019Uncategorized

Hello Tab Family!

This year I felt the Lord prompt us to dig into revival history and the Generals of the Faith of the last 200 years that God has used to build the church of our generation!  Our Sunday nights have been filled with not only education but the depths of understanding of the Prophetic History that has gone before us & what we are picking up by the Spirit today … we are about to see the greatest Awakening the world has ever known!  Let’s get that in our spirit today!!!

One of these generals we studied was TL & Daisy Osborn, and their successor & daughter, LaDonna Osborn.  This family was very special to the mine, as my Dad walked alongside the Osborne’s and I was ordained under LaDonna’s prayer and impartation.

Dr. Osborn was the first missionary evangelist to go to open fields or parks, in non-Christian nations, to proclaim Christ and to pray for miracles as proof that He is alive. Today it has become standard procedure. The Osborn DocuMiracle films and videos in 70 languages have been shown in thousands of villages and towns in one hundred and fifteen nations, influencing millions to believe the Gospel. The Osborn National Missionary Assistance Program has sponsored over 30,000 national men and women as full time Missionaries to un-evangelized tribes and villages — Over 30,000 missionaries — and over 150,000 churches have been established through this unparalleled ministry.

Their mission, simple — Proclaim Christ and Pray for miracles as proof that He is alive! The fervency of the Osborn’s conviction compelled them, and the miracles followed!  This picture shows the devices left behind at a crusade after thousands left healed! The Osborn’s mantle as forerunners of the worldwide crusade movement has the scripture engrained upon it, “All things are possible if thou canst only believe, Mark 9:23.”

Why not today??? Why not here??!!!  Why not now??!!

Today we stand upon this prophetic history!  In fact, we stand on 6,000 years of supernatural prophetic history!  God is releasing this and other supernatural mantles upon our generation.  May we arise and step into this dimension of faith and wear well the Osborne mantle of “All things are possible!”  Today, no matter what you are facing, or what we corporately are facing as the body of Christ, we CAN believe and see that nothing is impossible! God is still the God of profound miracles!

With great expectancy,

Pastor Aimee