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TAB Blog: Come and Dine

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In less than 2 weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a time heavily traveled as individuals make their way to that special place where they will celebrate with loved ones. It is special for me, because the focus of the day is on families and friends gathering to share life around the table, and giving thanks to our Lord for His bountiful provision.

My childhood memories of Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house remain very special. It was a time when relatives would show up, sometimes without notice, but there was always a place at the table, as well as enough food. The adults would discuss events of the day, while the children were exiled to the “smaller” table, awaiting the time when they would graduate to the “big folks” table. Memories of the aroma from the kitchen and the feeling of warmth and acceptance remain after many years.

Times around the table are so much more than merely taking care of the physical needs of our bodies. They are times when we share life, recount memories. How special it is to receive an invitation to a person’s home and there enjoy the host’s hospitality. It is a time to shut out the worries and distractions of our lives and simply enjoy the fellowship of the moment, especially if we have mastered the art of listening.

There are numerous biblical stories where the setting is at the dinner table. I am thinking about two in particular that seem to go with these memories.

The first (John 21) is after Jesus’ resurrection, when Peter and other disciples went fishing, something they were skilled at doing. But after an entire night, they caught nothing. But at the direction of Jesus, they cast their nets on “the other side,” and caught a great multitude of fish. When they came to shore, they discovered that Jesus had made provision for them to be fed, and He invited them to “come and eat …” It was following their breakfast on the beach that Jesus restored Peter.

The second is when Jesus is requesting entry into the world of the Laodicean church (Rev. 3:20). “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

Notice the process. Jesus is knocking on the “door” to enter their life. It requires ears, not tuned to other sounds, to be able to hear His voice. For those who hear, an action is required to open the door for Him to gain entrance into our life. BUT, those are the individuals that will have the opportunity of hosting Him at the table.

As you spend time with your family and friends at your Thanksgiving Dinner, enjoy those precious moments together. May I also suggest that we don’t overlook the individual who, for various reasons, may not have a place to spend the holiday.

Give thanks for God’s provision, and fellowship with your friends and family.


Pastor Allen Baun

TAB Blog: “Imagine the Wonder of Christmas”

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

“Imagine” provokes one to create an image in your mind that challenges your understanding and perception of something. “Imagine the Wonder” takes us to an expanded image of something that is beyond the concrete and into the sublime…evoking a sense of awe, excellence, grandeur, and splendid beauty. Now, “Imagine the Wonder of Christmas.” May our hearts in this season be provoked to wonder, and may we find that deep sense of awe of the King of Kings born fresh in our hearts once again.

“Imagine … the Wonder of Christmas”
Presented by The Tabernacle Christmas Orchestra & Vocal Team
December 1st & 2nd
Saturday at 3:00pm & 7:00pm; Sunday at 7:00pm

Each year The Tabernacle hosts two main Christmas Outreaches to our community, our food baskets distributed to 1200 families at Thanksgiving & Christmas, and our Christmas Musical the first weekend of December.

As part of the Musical weekend, we will be hosting a beautiful family time 90 minutes prior to each performance that will feature a Silent Auction, Cafe & Bake Sale, Food Trucks, Music, Family Games, and Photo Booth. Then you will take your seats for the premiere Christmas Production in WNY. Included in your bulletin today are free tickets for you to distribute to family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

We are asking for your help in three ways:

1. Grab posters and postcards to display in local businesses, schools and community centers.
2. Take tickets and personally invite at least 10 people to join you.
3. Donate new items, gift certificates, or themed baskets for our Silent Auction.

In the Atrium today is a table where you can get more info and sign up for the Silent Auction donations. Tickets, Postcards, and Posters are also available in both the side and rear Atriums for you to take.

Thank you for your help, Tab Family, and “Welcome home to Christmas at The Tabernacle.”

Pastor Aimee

TAB Blog: Boxes of Love

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays right around the corner, we at The Tabernacle Food Pantry are well on our way to help those in our church and community who have struggles in there lives. The holiday boxes are now called “Boxes of Love,” as the food pantry is centered around love, towards volunteers and clients. Our motto is ‘enter as strangers, leave as friends.’ Unconditional love is a hard training ground! This ministry has taught us the meaning of those words.

Jesus said, “I give you a new command, love one another as I have loved you. You must also love one another. By this all peoples will know you are my disciples,” John 13:34.

Loving people you like is easy, but how about loving those who use or are against you? Can you look past their brokenness and reveal Jesus’s love to them? Or have you put conditions before your love? “We will LOVE them if…” Are we as patient as Jesus is with us? We have learned our shortcomings at the food pantry as we must come to the place of surrender here. The truth is you must walk with Jesus to prevail here. As we enter this holiday season at the pantry and in our personal lives, it comes front and center. Who deserves our love? Who are we thankful for? As a follower of Jesus, we know the answers. But can we personally get there? Not without a close personal relationship with Jesus. Pray and walk with us as we enter this season of following this command to love one another until Jesus reveals Himself in a new and powerful way.

As you know, we are currently working on our Thanksgiving and Christmas outreaches. We will be assembling 600 food boxes for each holiday to be distributed throughout our region as an expression of Christ’s love. We want to assist anyone in need of food from our congregation. Simply sign up at the Welcome Center if we can assist you.

Finally, please know the door to serve in the Food Pantry is always open. We hope you will consider volunteering to serve Jesus by serving others through this vital outreach and expression of God’s love.

God bless you,

Lisa & Jim Delmont

TAB Blog: The Resurgence of Millennials in the Church

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As I walked throughout high school and college, I witnessed so many friends and acquaintances my age who were searching for truth and for answers. I watched as some found false comforts, while others suffered in isolation and depression. As I also battled and navigated through my own life, I clung to the Father and felt His love sustain me. This love was something that provided me a means for joy and fulfillment each day. The more I understood how loved I was, the more I longed to see those around me experience this same knowledge and understanding. God has put a burning in my heart to see young adults open their eyes to truth, open their minds to understanding, and open their hearts to true love.

I’ve been so humbled to be able to continue to answer that call through our young adult ministry, ‘Activate.’ Over the past few weeks, God has been drawing Activate into a new season of hunger and encounter. Our community is coming to a new level of desperation and intentionality to bring all that we are and press into the presence of the Lord. Over the past year, I’ve watched young men and women re-commit their lives to the Father. I’ve seen a new urgency emerge within them. They have chosen to chase after the Lord’s promises and callings on their lives. They have chosen to lay down false idols, and have looked to a true comfort. My heart has been so full as I’ve seen the transformation of both the culture of the group, but more importantly the personal lives of those who attend.

As we surrender our hearts and lay down our flesh each week together, we’ve been able to host the presence of the Lord in such a powerful way. God has empowered us to foster a community that loves one another, and allows newcomers to feel the love of Christ the minute they walk through the door. We want young adults from all over the region to feel the love and the presence of the Father when they visit!

Please help us spread the word so that we can continue to reach out and shift this next generation for the kingdom! We meet every Monday at 7:00pm in the ‘Activate House,’ ages 18 – 30.

Many Blessings!

Andrew Thiel

TAB Blog: His Promises

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

In The Ark, we use September as the kickoff to our year. When summer ends, “real life” is back. Homework, sports, clubs, projects, teachers, classes, friends, sleepless nights, and early mornings all return. I know it probably sounds simple to some, but when mishandled these things can grow in impact. We begin to discover who is a master of time management or who procrastinates. Whether you fall into group one or two, you either feel too busy or buried.

Mathew 4:4 states, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

A reality in life is that every day is different. There is no resolution, no strategy, no plan that will not need adjustment in our lives. God’s word over us, however, will keep us satisfied until the end. In an ever changing world, the steadiness of our God is the only absolute we have.

This past month, students of The Ark have refocused their lives to not be mastered by life itself, but be fueled by the Master of life. This is not so we can eliminate responsibility, but to make sure God is above all. Let the seed of His promises take you beyond any earthly plans!

In His Name,

Anthony Salerno
Ark Youth Leader