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TAB Blog: Yeah, God!

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

On this Memorial Day weekend, we stop to remember those who served our nation and gave their lives in defending our freedoms. So many of our Tabernacle family have served or have family who have served in war or in peace time. God bless America!

Today we highlight Preschool Ministries here at The Tabernacle. We are laying a foundation of faith in our youngest worshippers. Every Sunday and Tuesday, the lessons and activities are centered around developing a heart of worship and cultivating a faith in our Birth- Pre-Kindergarten population. Lessons, activities, games and music are designed to bring these youngest learners to a place of interacting with God and seeing Him as One to worship and One who is powerful enough to take care of their every detail.

Our theme each Sunday is a “God is…” statement. God is faithful. God is powerful. Last week, our statement was “Jesus is God.” Like Peter of old, one of our four year olds called out, “I didn’t know Jesus was God.” I love it when the Holy Spirit makes the connection.

Recently, a Grandmother shared that her granddaughter made the connection of our powerful God. Grandma told the four year old that Grandma wasn’t feeling well and instructed the little girl to go play. In the next instant, the child came and said, “Then I pray for you, Grandma.” Her connection to a powerful God carried from a Sunday lesson to a real-life situation.

Our praises each Sunday as we sing our songs has also carried as a two year old boy was handed his pancakes at breakfast and he loudly proclaimed, “Yeah, God!” Our Rainbows recently told their favorite praise word and responses included, “Mighty, Powerful, I love you, and Yeah, God!”

Preschool Ministries on Sunday mornings and Tuesday Rainbows are making a Kingdom impact on our youngest under two nursery kids who dance to the music behind the nursery counter and then sit in the high chairs to eat cheerios and listen to their Bible story. The impact extends to our ready to go to Kindergarten kids who are learning to worship and love God’s Word.

I am grateful for our team who minister faithfully and for the families who support the ministry by following through with their children in their lessons each week. There are opportunities to minister on the team both on Sundays and Tuesdays. Connect with me at sbaldwin@thetab.org. I would love to talk with you.

Pastor Sharon Baldwin
The Tabernacle Preschool Ministries

TAB Blog: Welcome to the Wild

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

When you are 17 years old, there’s few things more satisfying than driving a car with a full tank of gas. There was one specific night I was enjoying this glorious occasion. As I drove off from the gas station, I lightheartedly asked the Lord, “Why can’t You keep my tank full? If my tank stay full, I will never have to worry about where I drive again.”

His response had shocked me.

Would you trust me to do it if the car were on empty?

So often I substitute safety with my salvation. When we’re taken care of and feel alright, we can become dependent on what we have already received. The issue with that is that there’s always so much more.

I believe that God pushes us into the wilderness not to run us dry but rather to depend on the one thing that never runs dry. The less we have to work with the more we have to rely on God.

I can set parameters in my life that make me feel like everything is okay but, as one who depends on God, nothing can steal who I am.

Welcome to the Wild,

Anthony Salerno
The ARK Leadership

TAB Blog: Happy Mother’s Day

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

When I was asked this week to prepare this article I did what is my normal response to a request of this nature. I looked inside my heart at what is resonating there.

In light of the fact that today is Mother’s Day, I am not intending to address the “how-to’s” of successful mothering. I honestly say perhaps I generally did some things right but am sure I could have done better with others. Perhaps that is the scope of all us mothers. But may I interject here how much we love our daughter, Aimee, and our two granddaughters, Kayla and Chloe. They are so devoted to our church spending many days and late nights assisting in various aspects of preparations for programs.

In today’s world with the loud voices of our culture, variables of lifestyles, and unconscionable pressures on parental authority, and our children struggling making decisions just to be accepted by their peers, I oftentimes find myself reflecting on how my family survived raising 9 children. God was foundational and Jesus at the center.

Spiritual values are challenged on every hand in today’s world and forces eagerly attempt to undermine and change value systems to a neutrality that eliminates absolute spiritual truth and that which is foundational to our nation.

I would like to honor our Children’s Pastor, Jennifer Cupicha, who is leading our children so effectively into a relationship with Christ. What an outstanding job she, her family, my family and other leaders have done putting together two Saturdays, one Princess Day, celebrating the younger girls as Princesses (the desire of every little girls heart) and the other Knights Day for our young boys. They had so much fun as the young men from Eagles’ Wings dressed in Knights costumes interrelating with them with games, etc. SO EXCITING!

How grateful we can be today for the fact that we have a HOPE in God that strengthens our faith to believe for our nation and the wellbeing of our families.



Wanda Reid

TAB Blog: Awakened to Destiny Conference

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Dear Tabernacle Family

We are 10 days away from the start of the “Awakened to Destiny” Conference, taking place at The Tab, Wednesday May 15th through Saturday, May 18th. We are excited to serve as the hosts for these amazing days of Spirit-filled ministry as Dr. Randy Clark, Bishop Joseph Garlington and Sean Smith join our Bishop, Robert Stearns, in powerful, life-changing services. Along with hearing from each of these keynote speakers, we will be engaging our hearts in times of dynamic, transformative worship and receiving teaching from Dr. Tom Jones, William Wood, Charity Cook, Brian Starley and Marcus Dygert.

Event Schedule

Morning Sessions: 9:00 & 11:15am
Lunch Break: 12:30 – 2:30pm
Afternoon Sessions: 2:30 & 3:45pm
Dinner Break: 5:00 – 7:00pm
Evening Session: 7:00pm

While each of the evening services are free and open to the public, you must register for the conference in order to attend the daytime sessions – Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It will be these morning and afternoon sessions that will help you receive a fresh understanding of the plans God has for your life and be equipped to step into your kingdom destiny.

Awakened to Destiny will bring together people from all backgrounds, occupations, and denominations, and at every stage of their journey. Each session will bring new teaching and revelation as seasoned speakers equip you to step into supernatural dimensions of healing, faith and Holy Spirit empowered ministry. God is calling His workmanship, the body of Christ, to a great awakening, and this awakening starts with you!

Awakened to Destiny is specifically designed to not only give you practical tools but to activate you to your calling, so be sure to register today by visiting https://globalawakening.regfox.com/awakened-to-destiny-buffalo-ny-2019 and join us for these four days of awakening!

Kingdom blessings,

Pastor Jim Ruddy

TAB Blog: At the Altar

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Hello Tabernacle Family,

I am so excited for the season that we are in. Throughout the years, we have had significant points of time when God visited The Tabernacle in a supernatural way – each specific time released another layer of the church’s mantle into its destiny.

I believe we are in another pivotal moment of time that God has destined specifically for The Tabernacle. As this starts to unfold in the multi-faceted dimension God has destined, I want to talk to you about what’s in my heart, The Altar and the significance it plays in the time we are now in.

There are many amazing testimonies of things already happening at the altar as God’s Presence floods like a river and creates an atmosphere that overflows healing, salvation and breakthroughs each and every week. The majority of the time it’s without the laying on of hands or prophesying, which both are amazing and God definitely uses them, but being soaked and drenched in His Presence at the altar can change the course of your life.

What would take 20 years of counseling…
God can do in one moment of His Presence.
Sickness and disease….Healed in one moment of His Presence.
Hurt and pain physically or emotionally…
set free in one moment of His Presence.

When we are in worship and the Holy Spirit is flooding the sanctuary, I want to invite you to come up to the altar and let Him saturate you in a way that literally will take you from Glory to Glory. It might be uncomfortable at first, but I’d like to provoke your thinking a bit here…what if we physically become the first fruit offering and offer ourselves to Him as we come to the altar and give Him our sacrifice of praise, making it simply about loving on Him. Not in what we need or want, but we go to the altar purposefully with the intent of loving on Him in praise, worship or just standing there in silence with our hearts outstretched to Him.

Praise and worship from our pews is awesome, but what could happen when we step out of our comfort zone and partake in the tangible outpouring of the Holy Spirit, each one of us jumping in the river together, shutting off our minds and thoughts and just engage our hearts to loving Him? What do you think this does to God’s love tank when we come corporately to the altar as one tribe with the sole intention to love on the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Great I Am, the Alpha and Omega?

Let’s find out the significance together as we jump into a new paradigm of the River – as one tribe.

See you at the altar,

Sue Morino
CovNet Administration
House of Prayer Leadership