The Tabernacle Youth Ministry


The Tabernacle Youth Ministry

The Tabernacle Youth Ministry exists to help teens live a passionate life for Jesus Christ. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where young people can experience God's presence and connect with other teenagers who desire to pursue God's purpose for their lives.We're intent on growing through Discipleship, building a House of Prayer, and having true Encounters with Jesus!

The Tabernacle Youth Ministry's Culture is comprised of these 5 points:

We Listen - When someone is speaking we listen
We Honor - We respect leaders and respect each other
We Focus and We have Fun - During Encounter times we focus free from cell phone use and not distracting others; During Fun times we're diving in to have lots of fun
We're Friends - We include, encourage and lift each other up
We make mistakes - If we make a mistake, we admit, we fix it, we stop it, and we grow

There is always something going on outside of our regular meetings. Whether it's a monthly fun event or an outreach to impact our community for Jesus our goal is to connect students in a positive way and spread God's love.

Tuesday Night Small Groups
Every Tuesday at 7pm we gather and break up into small groups. This is a time where we study the Bible and explore relevant topics. These groups allow us to discuss things we're going through, gain encouragement from friends and caring adults, and help us grow in our walk with God.

Youthpic2Friday Nights
Every Friday at 7pm we come together for a night designed for teens to encounter God's presence through worship, prayer, a message, and fellowship. This night is for us to meet with God and other teens so we can be filled with God's spirit and get inspired to make an impact for Jesus Christ wherever we go.

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