Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Dr. Robert StearnsRobert Stearns
Bishop Robert Stearns has been in close association with Bishop Reid and The Tabernacle family since he was a student at Valley Forge Christian College in 1985. For many years, he was a beloved guest speaker at The Tabernacle, and The Tabernacle regularly hosted Eagles Wings conferences on our campus, impacting the lives of thousands.

In July of 2013, Dr. Jack Hayford, Bill Johnson, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Bishop David Thomas, Dr. Ron Burgio, Marilyn Hickey, and dozens of other national leaders were present to affirm the transfer of leadership from Bishop Tommy Reid to his spiritual son in the faith, Robert Stearns.

Bishop Stearns is the founder and executive director of Eagles’ Wings, a global movement of churches, ministries, and leaders that is involved in a variety of strategic projects around the world. His life flows out of deep commitment to Jesus that is characterized by a distinct prophetic edge. A noted author, world-class musician, and highly sought after public speaker, his written works have been translated into 8 languages, his music is appreciated around the world, and he has ministered in over thirty nations while maintaining a distinct focus on Israel.

In recognition of how The Tabernacle and its worldwide ministries have functioned over the past three decades, it is our privilege to have a man as highly qualified as Robert Stearns accept the call to oversee this work as our new Bishop/Senior Leader. He brings to this Church an unchallenged apostolic anointing and office. Truly a contemporary apostle, he continues in the flow of the legacy of Bishop Reid and The Tabernacle, furthering the ministry and apostolic calling upon this House.

Pastor Tommy ReidTommy Reid
The year was 1962, Tommy Reid was sitting on the platform of a Presbyterian Church in Chun Ju Korea, where he and his father, Al, were both ministering, and he knew God had clearly called him to his childhood home to pastor a church. Fifty years later we find our beloved Pastor having direct oversight and assistance in the planting of several branch churches throughout this region and around the world. He provides not only a fatherly voice of wisdom to those in ministry on national and international platforms, but more dear and important to everyone’s heart is his tremendous depth of love for others and commitment to keeping covenant relationship with his fellow co-laborers in Christ. Few have extended themselves across denominational, racial – and nearly any other barrier which anyone could ever dream up – as the man whom God has blessed us with here at The Tabernacle. Pastor to pastors, Apostle in the Faith, Dreamer, Friend of God, Tommy Reid. You can find his personal website here.

Jim RuddyJames Ruddy
Jim serves as our Senior/Executive Pastor having been invited into this role by Bishop Robert Stearns. Raised in a Roman Catholic family, Jim accepted the Lord in 1978 while serving in the US Coast Guard following many years of extensive drug and alcohol abuse. After earning a degree in engineering from Penn State University and working in electronics industry, he answered a call to ministry in 1981 and received formal Bible training. Having served continually in pastoral ministry since 1983, Jim is passionate about fulfilling the Kingdom mandate, believing the Church is to be fervent in her relationship with Christ and faithful in bringing the Gospel to the world.

To this congregation, Pastor Jim brings so many gifts to the table. A great preacher, a five-fold pastor, a leader with tremendous skills in management and administration, but perhaps most important of all, a man who has submitted his life and ministry to the contemporary move of the Holy Spirit. We are so honored to have Pastor Jim & Mari-lee Ruddy as such a key leader in the apostolic team at The Tabernacle.

Aimee SychAimee Sych
Aimee, the daughter of Pastor Tommy & Wanda Reid, became involved in the ministry from the ground up. Her influence extends from the local church to global ministry. She has a love for teaching and ministering God’s Word in a practical yet deep and revelational manner. It doesn’t take very long to realize where her passions lie: in the pursuit of God’s Presence and in assisting others to press in to and understanding and experience of His fullness in their lives. She, her husband, Jay and their two daughters, Kayla and Chloe, have a love for animals as is evidence by their horses, ducks, rabbits, chickens, dogs, etc… finding the presence of God in everything around them!

Aimee serves as the Pastor of the Worship and Arts Department along with overseeing the 3D Woman ministry. She is co-host of the internationally renown television broadcast, 3D Woman, on the TCT Television network, and regularly ministers the word in worship, preaching and media ministry across the body of Christ. As a member of the Apostolic Leadership Team of The Tabernacle, her prophetic voice shines in worship leadership and delivery of the Word of God both in this house of worship and around the world.

Mark PassarellaMark Passarella
Mark Passarella has been serving in youth ministry since 2007. As a young boy, Mark sensed the call of God on his life. However, during his teen and young adult life Mark rejected that call. In 2006, Mark gave his life to the Lord on a car ride home from University and answered the call to ministry. In addition to pastoring the youth of the Tabernacle, Mark and his wife Gabi serve as directors for the Eagles’ Wings 9-Month Internship and the 3-Week Teen Missions Camp. Mark and Gabi are committed to present the Gospel of the Kingdom to the next generation. Together, they are training tomorrow’s leaders for Christ.

Jo Ann AngeloJo Ann Angelo
Jo Ann leads the Pastoral Care Department which includes visitation, weddings and funerals along with all other family needs of the congregation, the Food Pantry outreach, and the Wednesday Night Healing service held in our World Prayer Center. She has a passion for teaching the truth of the Word and has been with us since 1987. She first started on staff as a counselor in Pastoral Care and then shortly after became the Dean of Students at our Buffalo School of the Bible. Jo Ann grew up around her family-owned restaurant business and continues to be a blessing to many with the warmth of her hospitality and delicious food.

Al BaunAllen Baun
Al has pretty much grown up in the church with his family joining The Tabernacle in 1959. For many years he has served in a variety of positions both voluntarily and as paid staff. He currently serves as both the pastor over the Men of Valor ministry and the Jubilee ministry. Al is a huge baseball fan; his love for baseball is only matched by his passion to see men discipled into their full potential. His dedication to our church family has been well established over these many decades.

Tom RinnTom Rinn
Tom serves on the pastoral staff as Pastor Reid’s administrative assistant and part of our pastoral care team. He labors faithfully behind the scenes to keep everything running smooth around here. Tom literally grew up at The Tab under the mentorship of Pastor Reid, and over the years has served in a variety of roles both on staff and as a volunteer. Tom is a servant, a dedicated family man, and an example of what a faithful elder in the church should be.

Dee Dee BernardoniDee Dee Bernardoni
Dee Dee represents The Tabernacle as the outreach pastor to the suburbs and inner city of Buffalo. She is the Director of Operation Dignity, a mentoring ministry. She and her husband Jim also serve on the marriage and family leadership team here at The Tab. They teach the pre-marital seminar here in addition to doing marriage and family counseling. In addition to her ministerial responsibilities, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.