mpact logoM-Pact is the club for girls from K-7th grade that aims to change the world – one girl at a time! Our regular meetings will be held each Tuesday from 7:00-8:30pm in the Family Life Center.

The cost of the M-Pact Girls program is $33 per year. The year runs from September – May.

daisiesDaisies: Kindergarten girls
Daisies learn about sharing, creating, helping, obeying and lots of other ways to grow more Christ-like.

Pledge: As a Daisy, I will be happy, good, and helpful, letting my light shine for Jesus.

primsPrims: 1st and 2nd grade girls
Prims discover Bible Treasures, and learn about friendship.

Pledge: As a Prim, I will be careful of what I say, where I go, and what I do; trying always to be my very best for the Lord Jesus, because I love Him.

starsStars: 3rd through 5th grade girls
Girls make their way up the Stairway of the Stars achievement program as they complete units in the four worlds: The World of Truth (basic Christian doctrine), The World Around You (missions), The World About You (activities), and The World Within You (character development). Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of completing the achievement program as an Honor Star.

Pledge: Having accepted Jesus as my Savior, I will follow Him in service, in testimony, in attitude, and in relationships; striving always to glorify my Lord as a Star.

friendsFriends: 6th through 7th grade girls
If you have ever known a girl in middle school, you know what a crazy time of identity shifting this can be. Many girls confide less in parents and more in friends. They crave someone to share their thoughts with. Cultural values add pressure to a girl to indulge in choices that have long-term consequences. The Friends Club meets the needs that girls are facing head on.