Jubilee_Bridge_EastcoThank you for taking the time to visit this page and discover the wonderful world of Jubilee Fellowship Ministry. It is there that we dare you to dream, not about the past, but how you can make your days productive for the kingdom of God, and for our family, friends, and community.

Our leadership group is seeking additional ways in which we can bless and encourage people. Jubilee Fellowship Ministry is involved in spreading cheer and encouragement to many who are either shut-ins, or have limited mobility; we are providing encouragement to our armed forces that are being deployed into combat areas in the world, and minister at a senior housing complex in our area by conducting weekly worship services, and a weekly Bible study.

A luncheon is held on the third Wednesday of most months, where in addition to being served a wonderful, nourishing meal, the group has an opportunity to enjoy fellowship with others. The luncheon also includes a time for laughter, sing-a-longs, and an encouraging message on various subjects. Each month has its own theme, with the activities and facility decorated accordingly. We always have time to pray with someone for an answer to their need, regardless of its nature.

Tickets for events can be purchased by calling the church at 675-2888. Let us know when it is your birthday (month/day/year) and we will send a complimentary luncheon ticket so you can join us as our guest. Our special events include various day trips, annual picnic, a Thanksgiving Dinner, and many other events.

The Jubilee ministry is led by Pastor Al and a core leadership team. Feel free to contact PastorĀ Al Baun with any questions or for more information about this ministry.