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Reunited Family

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I so THANK MY LORD for using me to reach others. It kept me going. Never thought I would teach health care and spirituality to inner city population and satellite schools and for so many years. Praise God for reuniting me with my other brother, Dennis in so many years. God definitely had a hand in it …no judgments, just peace and a sharing of love. God bless Dennis with better health and a complete healing and restoration from effects from Diabetes. ~ Debbie P.

Restored Connections

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Answered prayer…I’ve been praying for my grandson for 12 years. The prayer was that I would hear from him…he was 16 yrs old the last time I had seen him..praying that he would get in touch with me…too much detail to get into, but us not hearing from him was due to a nasty divorce..anyway. We have a God that restores relationships. I received a letter in the mail two weeks ago from Andrew, which was full of love…we have since talked, and he is coming to see us on Sunday. Never give up on prayer! We serve an awesome God. ~¬†Joan C.