Bishop Robert Stearns

Bishop Robert Stearns has been in close association with Bishop Reid and The Tabernacle family since he was a student at Valley Forge Christian College in 1985. For many years, he was a beloved guest speaker at The Tabernacle, and The Tabernacle regularly hosted Eagles Wings conferences on our campus, impacting the lives of thousands.

In July of 2013, Dr. Jack Hayford, Bill Johnson, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Bishop David Thomas, Dr. Ron Burgio, Marilyn Hickey, and dozens of other national leaders were present to affirm the transfer of leadership from Bishop Tommy Reid to his spiritual son in the faith, Robert Stearns.

Bishop Stearns is the founder and executive director of Eagles’ Wings, a global movement of churches, ministries, and leaders that is involved in a variety of strategic projects around the world. His life flows out of deep commitment to Jesus that is characterized by a distinct prophetic edge. A noted author, world-class musician, and highly sought after public speaker, his written works have been translated into 8 languages, his music is appreciated around the world, and he has ministered in over thirty nations while maintaining a distinct focus on Israel.

In recognition of how The Tabernacle and its worldwide ministries have functioned over the past three decades, it is our privilege to have a man as highly qualified as Robert Stearns accept the call to oversee this work as our new Bishop/Senior Leader. He brings to this Church an unchallenged apostolic anointing and office. Truly a contemporary apostle, he continues in the flow of the legacy of Bishop Reid and The Tabernacle, furthering the ministry and apostolic calling upon this House.