ACTIVATE | Young Adult Ministry

Activate is going to be a place that cultivates a group of young adults who chase after the Lord together; as well as those who also live out day to day life together.
The vision is that we meet each Monday around 7PM. I know how busy our lives are and I thought this format would be helpful: Each last Monday of the month, we’ll be having a big worship night in the Reid Leadership Center. The other Monday’s in the month will be more of a smaller setting with things such as: prayer nights, serving the community, movie nights, game nights, etc. The big push will be to attend the last Monday of each month. but also to come out to as many other Monday’s as you can.
We’ve also been working on renovating a building right across from the church to create our own space to relax and gather together in. This way, Activate will have our own lounge type of space to get together each week in.

Meeting Times

Monday’s | 7PM

Ministry Leader

Andrew Thiel
Young Adult Director