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TAB Blog: Words of Praise

By February 9, 2020Uncategorized

Hello Tab Family,

The spirit of worship here at The Tabernacle has been one of the defining foundational factors and core values that makes us who we are.  We have had the privilege over the last few weeks to hear from our preaching team about worship, prompting us to individually and corporately pursue a new level of worship and encounter His Glory.  A couple of weeks ago I shared on the Hebraic understanding of praise, and how the uniqueness of each Hebrew word of praise shows us a further demonstration of how we praise the King of Kings.  Here is a summary for you to keep with you.

7 Hebrew Words for “Praise”

Yadah to revere or worship with lifted or extended hands; to throw (as a stone or arrow) at or away; Root Word, Yada, which means to be intimately acquainted with someone, or God. To understand or acquire knowledge; to know; to discern; (learning to discern God’s heart) To know by learning and experiencing. Knowing through the senses, by investigating and proving Genesis 29:35; 2 Chronicles  20:21; Psalm 63:1, 107:15; Genesis 49:8; 2 Chronicles 7:6; Isaiah 12:4; Jeremiah 33:11
Todah Praise, thank offering, means to praise no matter what your circumstances. Psalm 100, 50:23, 56:12; Jeremiah 17:26
Halau raise, boast, celebrate, clamorously foolish, to shine, hence to make show, to rave, sing; to cause to shine, to make bright, to give light, radiance is at the heart…It is the root word of Hallelujah! Jeremiah 31:7; Psalm 149:1, 69:30, 22:22-25, 48:8;

Judges 16:24; 2 Samuel 14:25;

2 Chronicles 7:6; Ezra 3:10-11; Nehemiah 5:13

Barak kneel; bless, to do with motion. To confess, to thank, to use the hands, or to bow the knee, to revere, worship, salute, to bless God in an act of adoration Judges 5:2-3; Psalm 103:1, 72:15, 96:2, 103:1-2, 18:46; Job 1:21
Shabach triumph, glory, commend, a loud adoration, proclaiming with a loud voice unashamed glory. Ecclesiastes 4:2; Psalm 145:4, 147:12, 117:1; Isaiah 12:6
Zamar sing praise with the instrument; to touch with fingers the strings of an instrument, or to pluck a stringed instrument in celebration II Samuel 22:50;

Psalm 33:2, 71:2, 61:8, 66

Tehillah Praise, laudation, or hymn of praise: the most demonstrated word for praise in the Old Testament.  Comes from the word HALAL = strong expression.  TeHILLAH is the song the Lord sings to us & subsequently, through us, God’s song being sung; the spontaneous expression of the spiritual song Psalm 22:3, 33:1, 34:1;
Isaiah 61:3; 1 Chronicles 16:35;
2 Chronicles 20:22; Deuteronomy 10:21; Exodus 15:11



As you read scripture, remember that behind every English word, “praise” is one of these seven Hebrew words, so as you discover them, you can see the fullness of how praise is expressed and lived.  Let’s begin with challenging ourselves to stretch in our expression of praise, and then wait to see how your worship grows and the experience of the presence and glory of God increases in its revelation to you personally … and how it increases as we all come together corporately.   Ruth Ward Heflin said “Praise until the spirit of worship comes, Worship ‘till the glory comes, then .. Stand in the Glory.”  Let’s press into this together as a covenant family!

For His Glory,

Pastor Aimee