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TAB Blog: Stirring Up Deep Wells

By January 19, 2020Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

I have woken up repeatedly with a song on my heart. It is one of the kids’ favorite songs we sing, “Deep Cries Out”. They love this song, even though I think we sing it too often in kid’s church. While singing this fun, upbeat praise song, many of them do not comprehend the lyrics. I believe they are receiving even if they don’t know the revelation of their favorite song. God is answering their shouts as they sing:

“I’ve got a river of living water
A fountain that never will run dry
It’s open Heavens You’re releasing
And we will never be denied
Cause we’re stirring up deep deep wells
We’re stirring up deep deep waters
We’re going to dance in the river, dance in the river”

The kids might just love excitedly dancing to the chorus, but these words were ringing in my spirit as I woke – “We’re stirring up deep deep wells.”

I believe this is a prophetic word that God is speaking. He is stirring up those deep wells; the wells of old. He is restoring open heavens and deep wells of revival that we are crying out for. The words stirring up hit me as I thought of the pool of Bethesda (in John 5:1-15). The angel would come and stir up the waters for healing; for wholeness! All anyone had to do was get in the water while it was being stirred and they were made whole! Let’s dive into the waters that are being stirred! We cannot sit on the side of the pool anymore, waiting for someone to carry us in. For “deep cries out to deep.” (Ps 42:7). Deep Love, Deep Revelations, Deep Encounters, Deep Moves of God. I believe He is stirring up the deep wells. So let’s jump in and dance in the river of the living water that He is pouring out.

In His Name,

Jenn Cupicha
Children’s Pastor