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TAB Blog: This Christmas Season

By December 15, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

We are in the midst of the Christmas Season, which is filled with joy and happiness, for many people. Activity seems to be at a peak for the year, fueled with new energy, and a fresh wave of optimism. We are in our fourth month of viewing Hallmark Christmas Movies, where names and places change, but the plot remains rather constant. The advertising gurus are constantly reminding us if we wear certain attire, own a specific type of vehicle or electronic gadget, we too can look or be special.

Baking of holiday treats, decorating houses inside and out, attending house parties is the order of the day. We strive to make our homes to look like sets used for photo-shoots for “Better Homes & Gardens.” Of course there is shopping!!! What would this holiday be without the hunt for that perfect gift, even if requires that “you shop until you drop?” But it is Christmas and we consider the price of the pursuit not excessive, or at least for the immediate.

Christmas season is wonderful, and should be enjoyed, but it may not be that way for everybody. It is a study of contrasts, joy and despair. In the midst of great celebration, there are those who have encountered loss, or fear what lies ahead for the family. Their holiday season is not likely to have a great amount of joy, as they deal with broken relationships, an unfavorable health report, or the loss of employment due to a company down-sizing. Even though we may not be able to turn their situation around, it is a time when our Tabernacle family can minister to people by demonstrating true care and concern. Perhaps the most important thing is to simply let them know they are not forgotten, however that may be expressed.

In the midst of all the activity, have 2020 vision.

With the activity & fatigue levels so high, we may fail to remember 2019 is rapidly coming to an end. It seemed like only yesterday when we were determined to do some things differently. Whatever they were, we are now being faced with the success or failure of those intentions. The “books” are about to close for 2019, and it is time to prepare for a new year. Unless changes are made, 2020 can be a replay of prior years.

Please allow me to make some suggestions for this holiday season!

• Really believe that God loves you and thinks you are very special.
He is your provider and not reluctant to share His goodness and provision with you. Give Him first place in all your festivities.
• Make this holiday season a time for family and to the best of your ability, enjoy peace on earth (and in your home). It is not about the perfection of the meal or price of the gift, it is about what it represents.
• Reach out to those who are in a difficult season of life. Make the phone call, send a card with a heart-felt message that encourages, share your blessings with others. You will enjoy your Christmas even more.
• Relax! Laugh about the things that didn’t come out perfect. It seems that we remember what was goofed up more than what was perfect. Make memories! Take pictures!

Most of all, thank the Lord for His gift of life. Jesus has come that we might have abundant life!

Merry Christmas and 20/20 sight for the New Year!
Pastor Al Baun