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TAB Blog: “Welcome Home” A Musical

By December 8, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

Light the Christmas trees, hang the stockings, bake those cookies, sing those carols…the holidays have officially begun! Today, we invite you, your family, friends and co-workers to begin the Christmas Season with us, your Tabernacle family, tonight with our Christmas Musical & Festival.

This incredible night features our annual musical, “Welcome Home,” with live orchestra and vocal team. Performances are:

Sunday, December 8th at 7:00pm

90 minutes prior to the performance, our Christmas Festival will begin which will host our Basket Auction, Timeless Treats at our Confectionary, Holiday Beverages, Photo Booth, String Quartet, “Pastries by Camille” Crepes, and much more! It’s the perfect time to invite your loved ones to your church home; those who you deeply desire to share the love of Christ. This beautiful night is the best opportunity of the year to do that! We have free tickets in the atriums for you to use as an invitation. Keep inviting, keep reaching out…you never know who will say, “Yes!”

Christmas. Just the simple mention of the day can elicit a strong reaction; anywhere from excitement to dread. Maybe you immediately think of that one year when everything went wrong…The kids found your secret hiding place for their presents and raided it at 3pm on Christmas Eve and then did a not so great job of rewrapping them in an attempt to cover their tracks. Then the cat climbed the Christmas tree and down it went…the oven broke but you had no idea until you went to take out the long awaited golden brown bird and you found it ice cold & raw.. Microwave dinners for everyone! Or maybe you think of your first Christmas as a parent…The way your child’s eyes got wide with wonder as the lights twinkle in the night and how they were much more interested in the torn wrapping paper than the gift that was in it.

Close your eyes. Imagine, it’s Christmas morning. In the distance you can hear Christmas music on the radio, slightly overpowered by Grandpa’s TV as he watches McGyver way too loud because he’s too proud to use his hearing aid. The mouthwatering aroma of the coming feast wafts through the air as Grandma pulls the dish from the oven and places it on the table next to her mother’s gravy boat. You hear the crunch of gravel beneath car tires and the dog starts barking to announce it’s arrival. The kids jump out of the car as soon as it comes to a stop and immediately burst through the front door, their excitement is almost tangible and their laughter fills the air. After a flurry of hugs, laughter and “Merry Christmas’s” you carry the gifts to the tree. You can’t help but linger there for a moment and admire it. There is nothing particularly stunning about it, except the way it tells the story of your family. It chronicles everything. The hand carved wooden tree that Grandpa made for the first Christmas he and Grandma were married. The “baby’s first Christmas” ornament they bought when your Dad was born. The tin can lid ornament your Dad made in Kindergarten with his picture and too much glitter on it, that hasn’t aged well and always made you question his teachers craft choices. It’s this moment every year, when you see the tree, when the memories surround you that you release that deep exhale of comfort and contentment. Suddenly, the kids yell from the dining room that it’s time to eat and you find your place at the table. Grandma reaches her hands out to either side of her and everyone joins hands. She is beaming as she lovingly looks at each face and says “Welcome Home”.

Today, we say to you, “Welcome Home to the Tabernacle!”

Much love,
Pastor Aimee