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TAB Blog: Thankfulness

By November 17, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

A five year old was learning about creation and posed a question to the children’s pastor, “What day did God create BLUE?” Chuckles and smiles ensued in the Facebook post as adults saw the simplicity of the question. I got excited. My emoji hand shot up in the post. I wanted to answer. Science and creation summoned together to explain one of the great wonders of the Bible.

On Day 1 God created Blue. And yellow. And red. And all the millions of other shades of colors as on that day, God created light. Genesis 1:3 is a simple first command from the Great Creator, “Let there be light!” I recently bought a prism to show how light refracts, and in that refraction, we see all the colors of the rainbow and multitudes more. In the very first act of creation, God created color. Without light, there is no color.

In the dark void of Genesis 1:1-2, the Spirit of God was hovering over the water as darkness covered the earth. Then God spoke light into existence. Color became a reality and God called it good. We experience the wonders of following a sunset as light shines through the layers of atmosphere to create spectacular colors. We are filled with awe as we watch the spectacular stars on a night sky, view the amazing pigments of sea life or observe the display of changing colors in the fall season. Color is all around us and God declared it, “Good!”

I am amazed at the variety of color. Colorists will tell you there are 1000 shades of gray in just one category of color. The fine detail of God’s creation was not defined by one box of 8 Crayola colors. No. On Day One, the Great Creator made color that could not be defined by any of man’s designs but one in which we have worked to capture the height, depth, and broad spectrum of creation through our finite considerations for thousands of years.

In this month of thankfulness, I am giving thanks for the color Blue. And red. And Orange. And every other shade God spoke into existence on Day One. I am thankful for the light that shines in darkness and reveals the very heart of an incredible God who continues to enjoy His creation. I am grateful for all that His hand provides.

Yours for the Kingdom,

Pastor Sharon Baldwin
Preschool Ministries/Southwestern Day Care