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TAB Blog: God is on the Move!

By September 29, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

Happy Harvest Tabernacle Family!!

It is with great pleasure that I reach out to you at the start of this 2019 autumn season. Harvest time has come! It is time to reap things that have been sown. It is a season of fruit, much fruit; a season of fruit that remains! It is time to exact our efforts to fill our barns and experience the fruit of our labor.

Our God is clearly on the move! Our nation and the nations of this world are in the midst of a divine shaking. Every sphere of influence is in a struggle for control. This shaking is exposing the deception, and the tug of war that has held its grip on the morality of the globe. We as believers stand fixed and confident that this earth belongs to our God. The fullness of this earth is His! Our God reigns over America! The Lord God Almighty has not forsaken His people or planet earth! He is stilling speaking! His people will hear, obey and prosper! Hallelujah!

The body of Christ has begun to taste what it is to come together in the unity of our faith. By the grace of God we will be a Kingdom people with divinely knitted hearts joined together in Kingdom purpose and we will be the united force in the earth that will transform culture!! The people who walk in darkness will see great light!

Here at the Tabernacle we have recently seen change in the appearance of our leadership team but the vision and the purpose remains the same. Our five-fold apostolic team is moving forward into the plans and purposes of God.

With that our Home Life Groups with a five-fold purpose are gathering together in unity to purposefully dive into the book study, The Return to Authentic Christianity, by our very own Bishop Robert Stearns. Bishop Robert co-authored the book with Chuck D. Pierce and Larry Kreider. The study is an in-depth look at 12 vital issues facing today’s Church.

Topics include: Emergence of the gray church * Hunger for the basics * Harassment of the Church * Anti-Semitism * Redesigning the Church * Changing complexion of church leadership

“Return to Authentic Christianity is a thorough examination of some of the most critical issues affecting the modern Church.”

WE NEED YOU!! Signups are underway!!

With much love,

Sherry Jankowski