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TAB Blog: Enduring Legacy

By July 7, 2019Uncategorized

Hello Tabernacle Family,
Today is the day we celebrate America, the nation of nations! Immediately following the 10am service, we invite you to join us for International Fest 2019. Here you will be able to sample foods and experience arts and cultural presentations from around the world. In addition to the culture food booths, Coyote Cafe Mexican and the Polish Villa food trucks will be joining us! Bounce Nation is also bringing a bounce house, obstacle course and dunk tank to complete the festival fun! You won’t want to miss this amazing time we will share together as covenant family!

On a personal note, today, my heart is so full of anticipation for the future of The Tabernacle. As Bishop Robert preached weeks ago on June 28th, we stand in this pivotal moment between the “Legacy of the Past” and the “Promise of the Future”!

As I look back over my entire life, I have always been anchored here. “Born on Sunday afternoon, in church on Sunday night,” was always the joke that surrounded my life here as Bishop Reid’s daughter. Coming on staff part-time to fill-in for our receptionist in 1990, I have to laugh, because that fill-in position continued to morph through nearly every department and ministry, and I’m still here! No matter what ministry positions I was offered, and even took, across the country, God would call me back home to continue the Legacy of this house … to see that it is guarded & passed on to coming generations. Looking back, there’s no regrets, only the sovereign hand of the Lord is visible!

From this perspective today, I can speak with complete conviction that we stand today a significant corporate mantle in this house of worship! We are not an ordinary church, and certainly not a typical American dream ministry … we are a house where the Lord has dwelled! We have sent thousands across the world in ministry, built dozens of churches, established countless para-church ministries, worked alongside our generations ministry generals, inspired generations of people with a once very-unpopular Kingdom message, and so much more! This is but a glimpse of what it means to be an Apostolic house.

This corporate mantle carries much weight and is about to become
very visible and tangible to us in the coming days.

On Sunday evenings, I had the privilege of launching us into a series with this same theme “From Legacy to Promise.” We have studied revival history and the mantles of some of the great generals of the faith. Up to now we have learned and experienced the ministries of Kathryn Kuhlman, Leonard Ravenhill, William Seymore & the Azusa Street Revival, and Charles Spurgeon. Last Sunday night, Pastor Mark brilliantly took us through the parallel history of significant prophetic fulfillment moments in Israel’s history and examined how it lines up to the actual same years of great revival movements in the church. Next Sunday PM we will continue this series and begin studying greats like Maria Woodworth Etter, the Healing evangelists, TL Osborne and many more. Visit our video archives online for the last 6 weeks of Sunday evening services and see for yourself the Hall of Faith experience, and how we are to take up their mantles and continue the race set before us!

This is The Tabernacle! You are part of an enduring legacy! Lift your eyes and see with the eyes of your spirit … revival is on the horizon! Our children’s, children’s children will one day live under the continuously expanding mantle of this house … and will be telling the next generation of what is about to happen in the NOW!

All for His Glory,
Pastor Aimee