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July 2019

TAB Blog: Ministering to Our Children

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

The Tabernacle has TWO unique ministries for our families with young children that are both housed in our Preschool/Day Care Center.

SOUTHWESTERN DAY CARE: An Outreach from Within
Allow me to introduce you to a phenomenal outreach to WNY families that occurs in this House on a daily basis. Southwestern Day Care Center has been in existence for close to 55 years and has served hundreds of families in that time span. Many from our church house have utilized the day care either as kids attending or parents /grandparents. Currently over 45 families employ the services of the day care with less than two percent from our church. We are a full-service day care for children ages six weeks to school age and are open Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 6:00pm.

A big part of this ministry is reaching families in an area of need. At present 33% of our families receive assistance to attend. Along with families who attend the day care for typical reasons, we have been a shelter for foster children and hurting families who need emergency care or assistance. SWDC’s staff is comprised of talented, caring individuals who have a deep heart for children. We are a faith-based organization with a goal to provide care for children in a loving environment. We are excited for the possibilities as we establish new structure and continue to grow this awesome legacy of The Tabernacle.

PRESCHOOL MINISTRIES: A Ministry for our Youngest Worshippers
On Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights we have Preschool Ministry. In EVERY age level, kids are learning to worship, pray and know the incredibleness of God. Our babies and toddlers in the nursery, interact with the Bible story, worship and play. Our 2’s, 3’s and Pre-Kindergarten have large group lessons/worship experience and then break into classrooms for their Bible stories. We are setting the stage for lifelong worship!

We have an incredible team that ministers in our Sunday/Tuesday programs; however, we need for 10 more people to come alongside and minister this fall. Every classroom needs an assistant. Adults/youth who love Jesus and are willing to give of themselves are needed for Sundays at 10:00am and Tuesday 7:00pm. Fall is coming. The new team is forming. Will you join me in ministry one Sunday a month? Will you join the Tuesday team?

It is my privilege to pastor BOTH of these great ministries to children here at The Tabernacle.

We are about loving God and loving people.

Pastor Sharon Baldwin
Day Care and Preschool Ministries

TAB Blog: Theme to Reveal the Gospel

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Good Morning Tabernacle Family,

I’ve been thinking about how the Gospel has been defined and communicated over the last several decades. There was so much to the moves of God in each generation over the last several decades that I couldn’t possible recap them in this short devotional reflection. But here’s the premise:

After the sovereign move of God in Azusa, the church was alive again. Almost as soon a fresh move of God came, man tried to package it up and manufacture it. New traditions set in. A few decades later another fresh move of God was needed. In comes, the “individual savior/personal relationship Gospel” that swept through Catholicism and High Church Denominations. It was revolutionary in the the ‘50s, ‘60s & ‘70s. It broke through traditional church like wild fire.

Then arrives a new revelation of our “Rights and Freedoms” as Sons of God — with all the access to the gifts, movement of the Spirit, the freedom of worship — It swept through the ‘80s, ‘90s & ‘10s and created an entire new church culture.

Thank God for all these moves of God. It’s brought us to this moment.

Now we live in a Church-age of personal freedoms galore, individual truth, and endless rights, I believe there will be a new theme to the revelation of the Gospel.

The new theme will be take responsibility for your life, and live a meaningful life of self sacrifice. It will be “RESPONSIBILITY & MEANINGFULNESS” that speak to individuals who are living in a prison of loneliness & meaninglessness. It will speak to those in a prison of immature, infantile carefree behavior – Maturity and Meaning will be a “GREAT AWAKENING.”

That could be the truth that will”SAVE” and “DELIVER” those being swept away by the tide of our culture’s pressures that lead us to victim living, carefree hopeless living and all of the consequences that come with.

The people who respond to this Gospel and let the POWER of the Messiah BREAK them out of immaturity and carelessness into RESPONSIBILITY and MEANINGFULNESS will be the leaders of the next move of God.

The Spirit is working in our generation. He’s MATURING SONS and DAUGHTERS for Messiah to joyfully present to the Father!

In His Name,

Pastor Mark Passarella

TAB Blog: God is Moving Amongst the Children

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Greetings Tab Family,

Tomorrow we embark on a whirlwind adventure known as Kids Camp! It is gearing up to be the most exhilarating week of the summer. Amazing things are in store: from our epic drama, super fun games, and life-changing God times, to anointed live worship, incredible crafts, inflatables, variety shows and so much more! My spirit is soaring and my heart is full as I am in great anticipation of what God will do!

We are working on making Kids Camp a place where kids from the community can come have fun and encounter the love and light of Christ. For some kids, this will be the first time that they will encounter the presence of God. For others, this week will mark them for eternity and help change the trajectory of their lives! God is going to do something supernatural and extraordinary! We have been saturating this week in prayer and praying for each child by name. I believe that God is going to move in a powerful way and that kids will have divine encounters with Him. Please keep us in prayer this week and come into agreement with us for this great move of God amongst the children!

We are so excited about this year to bring you The Circus Of Possibilities! Come one, come all as we present the greatest show in heaven and on earth. The Circus of Possibilities will have you on the edge of your seat. Join us as we follow Peder and his talented circus acts to dream the impossible dream. Follow Katy as she discovers who He has made her to be. Becky comes to the circus and finds the strength that is stronger than any other. Follow Destiny as she learns fear doesn’t stand a chance in His love. Watch and be amazed because He still does miracles! This week is full of surprises because anything is possible for those who believe.

We don’t want any kids to miss what is happening and this is a great opportunity to invite your neighbors, relatives, friends, and everyone in between to church. Kids Camp runs from July 15 – 19 from 9:00am – 1:00pm and registration is on our FB page. It’s not too late to sign up and come! Thank you for inviting and praying for us this week. I look forward to sharing with you all the testimonies of how God moved at Kids Camp this year!

PS: If you’re thinking “I sure would love to see the show too!”, we have good news! Now you can! On Sunday, July 28th we are having a dinner theater for all people young and old to come and enjoy The Circus of Possibilities!

In His Love,

Jenn Cupicha

TAB Blog: Enduring Legacy

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Hello Tabernacle Family,
Today is the day we celebrate America, the nation of nations! Immediately following the 10am service, we invite you to join us for International Fest 2019. Here you will be able to sample foods and experience arts and cultural presentations from around the world. In addition to the culture food booths, Coyote Cafe Mexican and the Polish Villa food trucks will be joining us! Bounce Nation is also bringing a bounce house, obstacle course and dunk tank to complete the festival fun! You won’t want to miss this amazing time we will share together as covenant family!

On a personal note, today, my heart is so full of anticipation for the future of The Tabernacle. As Bishop Robert preached weeks ago on June 28th, we stand in this pivotal moment between the “Legacy of the Past” and the “Promise of the Future”!

As I look back over my entire life, I have always been anchored here. “Born on Sunday afternoon, in church on Sunday night,” was always the joke that surrounded my life here as Bishop Reid’s daughter. Coming on staff part-time to fill-in for our receptionist in 1990, I have to laugh, because that fill-in position continued to morph through nearly every department and ministry, and I’m still here! No matter what ministry positions I was offered, and even took, across the country, God would call me back home to continue the Legacy of this house … to see that it is guarded & passed on to coming generations. Looking back, there’s no regrets, only the sovereign hand of the Lord is visible!

From this perspective today, I can speak with complete conviction that we stand today a significant corporate mantle in this house of worship! We are not an ordinary church, and certainly not a typical American dream ministry … we are a house where the Lord has dwelled! We have sent thousands across the world in ministry, built dozens of churches, established countless para-church ministries, worked alongside our generations ministry generals, inspired generations of people with a once very-unpopular Kingdom message, and so much more! This is but a glimpse of what it means to be an Apostolic house.

This corporate mantle carries much weight and is about to become
very visible and tangible to us in the coming days.

On Sunday evenings, I had the privilege of launching us into a series with this same theme “From Legacy to Promise.” We have studied revival history and the mantles of some of the great generals of the faith. Up to now we have learned and experienced the ministries of Kathryn Kuhlman, Leonard Ravenhill, William Seymore & the Azusa Street Revival, and Charles Spurgeon. Last Sunday night, Pastor Mark brilliantly took us through the parallel history of significant prophetic fulfillment moments in Israel’s history and examined how it lines up to the actual same years of great revival movements in the church. Next Sunday PM we will continue this series and begin studying greats like Maria Woodworth Etter, the Healing evangelists, TL Osborne and many more. Visit our video archives online for the last 6 weeks of Sunday evening services and see for yourself the Hall of Faith experience, and how we are to take up their mantles and continue the race set before us!

This is The Tabernacle! You are part of an enduring legacy! Lift your eyes and see with the eyes of your spirit … revival is on the horizon! Our children’s, children’s children will one day live under the continuously expanding mantle of this house … and will be telling the next generation of what is about to happen in the NOW!

All for His Glory,
Pastor Aimee