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TAB Blog: Yeah, God!

By May 26, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

On this Memorial Day weekend, we stop to remember those who served our nation and gave their lives in defending our freedoms. So many of our Tabernacle family have served or have family who have served in war or in peace time. God bless America!

Today we highlight Preschool Ministries here at The Tabernacle. We are laying a foundation of faith in our youngest worshippers. Every Sunday and Tuesday, the lessons and activities are centered around developing a heart of worship and cultivating a faith in our Birth- Pre-Kindergarten population. Lessons, activities, games and music are designed to bring these youngest learners to a place of interacting with God and seeing Him as One to worship and One who is powerful enough to take care of their every detail.

Our theme each Sunday is a “God is…” statement. God is faithful. God is powerful. Last week, our statement was “Jesus is God.” Like Peter of old, one of our four year olds called out, “I didn’t know Jesus was God.” I love it when the Holy Spirit makes the connection.

Recently, a Grandmother shared that her granddaughter made the connection of our powerful God. Grandma told the four year old that Grandma wasn’t feeling well and instructed the little girl to go play. In the next instant, the child came and said, “Then I pray for you, Grandma.” Her connection to a powerful God carried from a Sunday lesson to a real-life situation.

Our praises each Sunday as we sing our songs has also carried as a two year old boy was handed his pancakes at breakfast and he loudly proclaimed, “Yeah, God!” Our Rainbows recently told their favorite praise word and responses included, “Mighty, Powerful, I love you, and Yeah, God!”

Preschool Ministries on Sunday mornings and Tuesday Rainbows are making a Kingdom impact on our youngest under two nursery kids who dance to the music behind the nursery counter and then sit in the high chairs to eat cheerios and listen to their Bible story. The impact extends to our ready to go to Kindergarten kids who are learning to worship and love God’s Word.

I am grateful for our team who minister faithfully and for the families who support the ministry by following through with their children in their lessons each week. There are opportunities to minister on the team both on Sundays and Tuesdays. Connect with me at sbaldwin@thetab.org. I would love to talk with you.

Pastor Sharon Baldwin
The Tabernacle Preschool Ministries