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TAB Blog: Happy Mother’s Day

By May 12, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

When I was asked this week to prepare this article I did what is my normal response to a request of this nature. I looked inside my heart at what is resonating there.

In light of the fact that today is Mother’s Day, I am not intending to address the “how-to’s” of successful mothering. I honestly say perhaps I generally did some things right but am sure I could have done better with others. Perhaps that is the scope of all us mothers. But may I interject here how much we love our daughter, Aimee, and our two granddaughters, Kayla and Chloe. They are so devoted to our church spending many days and late nights assisting in various aspects of preparations for programs.

In today’s world with the loud voices of our culture, variables of lifestyles, and unconscionable pressures on parental authority, and our children struggling making decisions just to be accepted by their peers, I oftentimes find myself reflecting on how my family survived raising 9 children. God was foundational and Jesus at the center.

Spiritual values are challenged on every hand in today’s world and forces eagerly attempt to undermine and change value systems to a neutrality that eliminates absolute spiritual truth and that which is foundational to our nation.

I would like to honor our Children’s Pastor, Jennifer Cupicha, who is leading our children so effectively into a relationship with Christ. What an outstanding job she, her family, my family and other leaders have done putting together two Saturdays, one Princess Day, celebrating the younger girls as Princesses (the desire of every little girls heart) and the other Knights Day for our young boys. They had so much fun as the young men from Eagles’ Wings dressed in Knights costumes interrelating with them with games, etc. SO EXCITING!

How grateful we can be today for the fact that we have a HOPE in God that strengthens our faith to believe for our nation and the wellbeing of our families.



Wanda Reid