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TAB Blog: Catch the Momentum to Glory

By March 17, 2019Uncategorized

Recently, God has been moving and speaking to our Youth and Young Adults in such a specific way. We have been seeing students radically transformed through coming to faith, receiving the Holy Spirit, releasing the things of the world, etc. He is tugging on hearts to continue to lay down and surrender everything to Him. There’s an invitation being sent to live a life completely sold out to Him.

As I’ve seen the Lord take us into this season, I’ve felt an underlying theme and challenge for myself. “Am I willing to lay down my life and take the steps to get caught up in the fierce currents of His living waters? Will I crucify my flesh because of the way Jesus was crucified for me? What is it that is holding me back from my first love, from running alongside the Father hand in hand?”

All of the earth is groaning with expectancy for Jesus to return. Time is continuing to advance and nothing can stop the Lord’s kingdom from coming. The Lord is preparing hearts for the approaching times and aligning things the way they need to be aligned. I’m continually challenged as I ask myself, “Am I willing to get completely caught up in this Holy momentum?” “Do I believe that nothing else will satisfy my heart, the way that obedience to the call of God will?”

There’s no formula to this call; and it’s by far nothing close to an easy, one and done decision. My prayer for our house, for our ministries, and for each person today is that we can begin to enter into His Holy momentum to glory. May we be able to make the decision each day to lay down our priorities, our emotions, our preferences, and lay them at the Father’s feet.

There’s a Holy momentum to glory that is happening all around us. It’s our choice to acknowledge it and it’s our choice on how deep we want to go into it.

With many blessings,

Andrew Thiel
Young Adults Director