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TAB Blog: Your Tabernacle Family

By March 10, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

I am passionate about my Tab family. I love to be together as we seek the Lord; worshiping, praying, laughing, crying, encouraging and living-out our friendships. When I am away, I look forward to coming back. I have felt the very pulse, the breathing in and out of The Tab. The souls who have gone before us are exhaled in a gust of breath. While the new people enter in with the inhale. Holy Spirit leads us forward along pathways that intersect through each life. “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” (Ps. 37: 23). As the new and the old are exchanged, Holy Spirit is intricately performing, conducting and directing our steps. As if we were in a majestic orchestra, each of our sounds are melodically spaced and timed. Our heart cries are tuned together. Holy Spirit searches the heart, so intimately. In this house, “what affects me directly, will affect us all indirectly” (MLKing Jr).

Our Kairos Bookstore continues to be an exciting place of Holy Spirit movement. Someone is always stepping in and blessing us. They reach for me, right over the counter, to speak kind words over me. They stop me in my path to tell me how blessed they feel when they are there. “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bring good tidings” (Is. 52:7).

I have grown so much through worship and prayer. My attitude and understanding have changed. I remember going up for altar calls and I would be drawn into the arms of Pastor Wanda. I just couldn’t understand why each time I saw her she would say, “I love you, I love you.” At first, I would think, Oh, how kind; how sweet she is to me. The same thing kept happening to me each time as she would repeat how she loved me, whispering in my ear. I would think, “She just doesn’t know me or the sins I have committed in my past. If she knew she wouldn’t think this way about me.” More time went by at the altar and I found myself believing that she really did love me. I have learned about the love God gave to her for me. It’s agape love. It is a wonderful, cleansing, life-filling love. I am so grateful to know: “I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 5:21). I am worthy of God’s love. I am valued by God.

In Ladies Bible Study, we have been listening to Pastor Wanda interpret bible verses intermixed with her life experiences. Her words are a voice of wisdom to us as if the wisdom were seeds attached to a dandelion in its seed-stage, soft and white, and ready to fly off. Holy Spirit breathes on it and POOF the wisdom floats all around the room to each one of us.

We are so blessed to experience God’s love within the breath and pulse of this house. “You are all over; You are all around; You are inside; This is life; This is life.” (Song: This Love) Take time to experience and dwell in the life-flow of our house here at The Tab.

Ann Crinzi, Kairos Bookstore Manager