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TAB Blog: The Resurgence of Millennials in the Church

By October 21, 2018Uncategorized

As I walked throughout high school and college, I witnessed so many friends and acquaintances my age who were searching for truth and for answers. I watched as some found false comforts, while others suffered in isolation and depression. As I also battled and navigated through my own life, I clung to the Father and felt His love sustain me. This love was something that provided me a means for joy and fulfillment each day. The more I understood how loved I was, the more I longed to see those around me experience this same knowledge and understanding. God has put a burning in my heart to see young adults open their eyes to truth, open their minds to understanding, and open their hearts to true love.

I’ve been so humbled to be able to continue to answer that call through our young adult ministry, ‘Activate.’ Over the past few weeks, God has been drawing Activate into a new season of hunger and encounter. Our community is coming to a new level of desperation and intentionality to bring all that we are and press into the presence of the Lord. Over the past year, I’ve watched young men and women re-commit their lives to the Father. I’ve seen a new urgency emerge within them. They have chosen to chase after the Lord’s promises and callings on their lives. They have chosen to lay down false idols, and have looked to a true comfort. My heart has been so full as I’ve seen the transformation of both the culture of the group, but more importantly the personal lives of those who attend.

As we surrender our hearts and lay down our flesh each week together, we’ve been able to host the presence of the Lord in such a powerful way. God has empowered us to foster a community that loves one another, and allows newcomers to feel the love of Christ the minute they walk through the door. We want young adults from all over the region to feel the love and the presence of the Father when they visit!

Please help us spread the word so that we can continue to reach out and shift this next generation for the kingdom! We meet every Monday at 7:00pm in the ‘Activate House,’ ages 18 – 30.

Many Blessings!

Andrew Thiel