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TAB Blog: Back to School! Back to Church!

By September 9, 2018Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

“Back to School!” Those words signal the changing of the seasons as the freer routines of summer give way to the more structured regiments of fall. I so enjoy seeing the “Back to School” pictures being posted by so many dads, moms and family members on Facebook. I can almost relive my childhood as I peer into the priceless expressions on the faces of these young people ready to move forward into a new and exciting day. What a joy to join with these families in praying blessings over each of their children as they take the next steps forward in their most amazing lives. Thanks for letting us share your joy.

“Back to Church!” In a similar way, the change of seasons invites us to make a fresh reconnection and recommitment to the House of God. Refreshed by our summer getaways and vacations, we now settle back into the solid rhythms of life that involve connecting our hearts with Christ and His Body – The Church. The more relaxed pace of summer has allowed us to catch our breath, and now, with hearts full of anticipation and expectation, we look forward to what this next season brings. Hopefully, it will result in a deeper and more satisfying relationship with the LORD, and a greater heart-connection with the amazing people God allows us to relate to at The Tabernacle.

Today and this week, we reopen the core ministries that help to disciple us as followers of Jesus. This is your invitation to find your place among Jubilee (Seniors), Men of Valor, 3D Woman (AM & PM), Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Activate Young Adults, Ark Youth and related classes, Royal Rangers, MPact Girls and Rainbows. From the oldest to the youngest among us, these ministries exist to help each of us thrive in our walk with the LORD. Check out the bulletin for times and make the decision today to connect with one of these life-giving ministries. Feel free to call the church office for more clarification or help in discovering where it may be best for you to connect.

Often, when I ask individuals if they are planning to join a discipleship ministry, they answer, “I’ll try” or “We’ll see!” Over the years I have discovered that those answers result in very few positive outcomes. Instead, determine today, “I will!” Choose to not “try” or “see,” but instead, determine today that you will take the next step in relating to the LORD and to the people who make up this life-giving Church where God has led you.

May God bless you richly as you come “Back To Church!”

Pastor Jim Ruddy