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TAB Blog: Home Life Groups

By September 2, 2018Uncategorized

Greetings Tabernacle Family!

Great News! Home Life Groups are relaunching with a purpose!!!

As our Fivefold Apostolic Ministry Team steadfastly leads, Home Life Groups are following in step with the Acts 2:42 – 47 model for producing disciples and creating ever increasing community. We are relaunching with a Fivefold Purpose to:

Know God * Build Relationships * Discover Purpose
Influence Others * Produce Disciples

Family, if we truly believe that we are standing in the threshold of a great move of God (and we are), then we have to do all we can to accommodate all that He wants to do. The Lord’s business is catching people.

He is about to launch us forth to capture a net-breaking, boat-sinking catch of men! We need to be trained and equipped to know how to accommodate those He sends to us! When this catch comes in, these new fish will need to be cleaned, fed, directed, aided, cared for and loved on. In other words, we are preparing to be the Church: we are preparing ourselves to embrace and make room for those who hear the call and come home to be made part of the family.

We might call it a catch or a harvest and negligently overlook the reality that these are people whom the Lord has saved, is saving, or wants to save. These are real people, with real issues and needs, who need real solutions to their very real problems. God wants them delivered, He desires to see them free and transformed. The heart of our Father wants these people welcomed, embraced and connected into a vibrant thriving community where Kingdom culture is the norm and those real issues can be lovingly and adequately addressed because we are a people who know our God.

Home Life Groups are the God ordained answer to this process, just as it was with the early Church! (v46)… breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart. Beloved, YOU are the answer!! YOU plugging into Home Life Groups with a purpose is a very powerful tool in the hand of our Savior.

As we expectantly anticipate the favor of the Lord to add to our congregation daily (v47) we must actively prepare to receive and assimilate the Lord’s harvest into our Home Life Group communities. We must unite in the Lord’s Kingdom purpose with a willingness to serve. Please join us by becoming the crucial element the Lord uses to bring in the catch and keep it! Please sign up! YOU are needed!!

Much love,

Sherry Jankowski