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TAB Blog: Covenant Relationship

By August 12, 2018Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

I hope you have been enjoying this wonderful summer season. Here in WNY, summer weather seems to come and go so quickly. Soon, we will be making changes in our routines to accommodate the activities associated with the changing seasons; all while we seek to enjoy every last bit of summer that we possibly can.

At The Tabernacle, we are also preparing for another year, when the various ministries resume normal activities. One of those activities is the class titled “Discovering Church Membership,” which begins September 9, 2018. Whether you have recently determined to make The Tabernacle your place of worship or you have been part of this congregation for a longer period, you are invited to attend this class and discover the importance of this step.

The Church is created and designed by God to provide spiritual development and care for believers. It also provides a community of faith through which the gospel is proclaimed and, in every generation, His will advanced. The Tabernacle is a living community of covenantal relationships centered around prayer and worship. God calls us to live in this type of harmony with each other so we can live in unity with Him. Have you considered entering into covenant membership at The Tabernacle?

There is a journey into Covenant Relationship, which is illustrated in the structure of Herod’s Temple. Each of the courts represent a portion of the journey, drawing us closer to the Holy of Holies, drawing us closer to God.

• The Court of the Gentiles Connection
• The Outer Court Cooperation
• The Inner Court (The Holy Place) Commitment
• The Holy of Holies Covenant

On September 9th a new Discovering Church Membership class will begin at 9:00am in the Atrium classroom (“the Matthew Room”). In the 8 weekly sessions, we will meet for approximately 45 minutes to discover the significance of membership. We will discuss the role that you have in building a healthy church.

If you are interested in more information and signing up for the class, there are information packets in the Atrium that contain a document, “Getting to Know You.” Please complete that information and give it to a pastor or staff member. An alternative is to call the church office at 675-2888 and speak to the receptionist and a packet will be sent to you. If I can answer any questions for you, please contact me at my office either by phone at
712-1708 or email at bauna@thetab.org.

Please let us know if you are considering attending this class. It will help us in our planning.

In His Service,

Pastor Al Baun