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TAB Blog: The Will of God

By July 29, 2018Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

As I write, I am hiding in my office from 117-degree heat in Phoenix, Arizona. I will be at The Tab this Sunday enjoying cooler weather and worshipping together. Can’t wait to be with you.

Many people have asked me recently how I am doing after so much loss and change in the last 4 years. My answer is “I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE NOW.” The ‘perfect will of God’ is always the most blessed and productive place to be and I am there.

I was destined for global missions and thrilled to be on mission for Jesus and often doing that with The Tab church family.

Savant Inc is the organization that serves me as I serve the Lord. The mandate is to awaken, inspire, energize, and mobilize both established and emerging women leaders into mission for Christ; to attain a broad global intellect and fulfill their destiny! Through Savant, I call them to wholeness and to use, without reserve, the empowerment of their Holy Spirit giftings: to be on board in the grass roots movement of women “gifted to go” and “powered by the Ghost” on mission during these exciting last days. In so doing, I speak publicly, teach, hosts trips, mentor young women and men and help emerging leaders launch ministry organizations and capture opportunities.

So many miracles. Least of all a new opportunity to go to Africa (Angola) next month and minister to abused and neglected women; to see them healed and empowered through the blood of Christ. I will be doing this by preaching the “Unfinished Love” Story. The amazing account of my “Jesus purchased miracle” out of deep grief, loss and sorrow to reconstructed thinking, restored joy, youthful strength and renewed purpose. This incredible miraculous triumph is a story that begs to be told so those stuck in debilitating sorrow can achieve healing, freedom and fully recapture their destiny.

I am stoked about teaching at Tab Life Institute next week to share the story – “Missions Movements that CHANGED the World.” Please join us. Stay connected with me via Facebook: Lavon Reep or Savant Inc, or by email to: lavonreep@gmail.com

In His Name,

Lavon Reep