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TAB Blog: Evangelism Training

By July 22, 2018Uncategorized

Hello Tabernacle Family!

I would like to invite you to come to our first Prophetic and Power Evangelism Training on Friday evening, July 27th beginning at 7:00pm in the Reid Leadership Center.

The first time someone asked me if I wanted to go evangelize I was terrified! When I thought of the word “evangelism,” I pictured a person standing on the street corner telling everyone they were going to hell. Why would I want any part of that? I also had fears of being rejected. What if I walked up to someone and they laughed at me or made fun of me? What if God didn’t show up? These fears seemed very real to me, but when I stepped over the chicken-line and stopped letting fear paralyze me, I learned that people are so hungry to experience the supernatural power and love of God.

The truth is evangelism is all about spreading the love of Jesus to a world that is hurting. My goal is not to see how many people I can convert or pressure into saying a salvation prayer. My goal is to let each person see a glimpse of the Father’s love. Each person we reach out to is being invited into a love encounter with the Father, and we have the privilege to be a part of that.

The Truth of God is always speaking. During the training we will use an evangelism tool called “Treasure Hunting” which makes it easy and fun to see how God is speaking. I know we bless the people that we minister to, but it is also rewarding for us to be used by God and see the way He shows up every time.

I invite you to join us for the Prophetic and Power Evangelism Training on July 27th. Whether you are a seasoned evangelist or scared to death like I was, come join us! We will talk about overcoming fears, different ways to hear Gods voice, evangelism strategies and share testimonies of what God is doing.

I promise you it will be fun and God will show up! He is a good Father and loves to show off for His Children!


Tyanne Seiler