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TAB Blog: God’s Plan for You

By June 10, 2018Uncategorized

Expanding with the Lord

When God increases, it becomes an across the board effect. In other words, His Glory sweeps over much and many all at once. Changing one small thing has consequences. After all, God is the great engineer, creator of all things from the tiniest molecule to the enormity of the solar system. I was thinking about the vibration of sound that God created to form into our own individual sound. Imagine we each have our own identity. I know I am a creative person, I tend to think out of the box. But God is able to create the things you want to use to create something with! My mom was also very creative, she and Dad raised 9 children. When she heard one of us say “Mom there’s nothing to do!” She would find you some chore to accomplish or a baby to take care of. But sometimes there would come a cherished moment when she would sit alongside one of us and teach us how to sew buttons or cut paper dolls all connected together. Those were the times when loving support and patience are mixed together by God to create spontaneous thoughts and your mind can wander off on creative tangents. All of a sudden you are smiling and giving life to an inanimate object that was just recently lying there flat. God can do anything. He can give you a dream to dwell on and chew on and lead you along on a path that you may not even be aware will have an effect on the creation of your dream. He knows our hearts so very deeply. My mom knew each one of her nine children but God knows us even more tenderly and deeply than your own mom and dad.

The book of our lives is written in heaven for each of us. I see the books we purchase through the bookstore for all of us to enjoy and I think about all the different personalities of authors we are privileged to enjoy. Each author gives so much to us from within themselves. I heard we should all write a book as it would help us to know our identity, who we are. When you write, your brain, heart and experiences unite to communicate ‘you.’ I am so grateful God created us each to be unique. We are meant to love and care for each other. I can fill the spaces in you that you may need to be nourished and fulfilled by writing a book. I don’t even have to know of you or anything about you, yet you can understand me in the way I choose to write about my feelings and experiences. You can relate and feel what is being described inside. God is so amazing. He is able to lead us into just the right interaction, space and time with a complete stranger in order for each of us to gain a reaction through His Holy Spirit.

My husband, Alex, and I recently were in Florida to visit our friends. We decided to rent a car and travel to the Keys and then back to Ft. Lauderdale for a day or so to deliver our rental car and be at the airport on time. As we were touring around Ft. Lauderdale we met a young woman in a coffee shop. She was seated alone at a long table so we joined her and engaged in conversation. We found her to be delightful and as we were about to leave we exchanged phone numbers. That was January. Yesterday, Alex was at work and received a large box from a pizza shop, Malnatis, in Chicago. It had frozen pizzas, an apron, pizza spatula, pizza pan, half pound of chocolates and two cookies. This was sent from the young woman, a stranger who we had met in the coffee shop. She just decided to reach out to us in love and send us this extravagant gift. She blessed our lives. We are so grateful and humble to God for sending her our way.

I would like to say that we really meet people we are supposed to meet and we have a choice to bless them in kindness, ignore them or just be insensitive to the needs of others and think only of ourselves. Remember God is Father and creator of all. He has plans for you. Hold up your dream to Him. He can make anything happen.

With the love of God,

Ann Crinzi