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TAB Blog: A Mother’s Heart

By May 13, 2018Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family, Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m so privileged to write today’s blog spot. Thank you for becoming family to us over the past 4+ years. God has truly been good to us in giving us such a wonderful place to minister and live.

Recently, Jim and I went on a mini-vacation to Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. It’s a beautiful, peaceful setting right on Lake Ontario and in the midst of countless vineyards. This time of year, there aren’t any leaves on the grape vines. They’ve finished tying up the branches to help yield the best possible crop with very little chance of spoiling the grapes. In particular, I noticed one vineyard that had taken a different approach to renew their fields. In between each aged grape vine stalk, a new plant had been put in. The new vines were very fine and had to be covered with something to shield them from the high winds and weather they experience. It reminded me of the scripture in Titus 2:3 where Paul is telling the older women how they should live and how they should teach the younger women to love their husbands and their children.

Growing up in a Christian home I had the privilege of having a godly mom and dad as my example. Beyond my home, and within the few churches Jim and I have had the joy of pastoring, I have always felt the need to have older women in my life. Some taught me how to quilt and make jelly. Some taught me the value of being at home while raising our sons. Others taught me to enjoy every minute of my life and to realize that God truly has a purpose for me to fulfill. I am forever grateful for each of these women who have been and are currently in my life.

Many years ago, within another church, I began a mentoring network for the women. With some help from a friend we matched younger and older women together. It was quite a challenge getting it to all work together, but we did it. Every other month we would get together for a ministry time and the testimonies would blow my mind when they told of the things they had in common. Many of those relationships are still flourishing today.

Let me encourage you today, determine to be a mentor to someone younger than yourself. Take time to bless them and to help them grow up in their holy faith. They in turn will be equipped to help someone else to do the same. Imagine how fruitful the body of Christ will become if we all take time to bless someone in this special way.

From a mother’s heart,

Mari-Lee Ruddy