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TAB Blog: Kairos School of Ministry: My Third-Year Experience

By May 6, 2018Uncategorized

This third season of being a part of the Kairos School of Ministry has been an awesome experience! Having been a part of the school of ministry for two years already, I can definitely say that this year has been different in so many ways, and there is so much that has been highlighted to me over this season. One of the ways that this year has been so impactful to me, is how incredible the classes have been. I feel that this year I have been able to sit under and be poured into by so many different, incredible leaders from all over our region. It has been amazing to have the opportunity to draw from so many incredible wells and receive so much Godly training from these leaders. God has spoken to me about my calling as a leader through these classes this year.

This year as a third year student, my main roles have largely played out in the youth ministry here at The Tabernacle. I have grown more in my leadership roles this year and have the opportunity of discipling our young people, preaching in different youth services, and helping plan and coordinate all of our youth events. In this season, I feel I have discovered more of who I am in this role of youth ministry, and have grown in areas that aren’t in my strength and gift mix. All in all, I feel I have grown and received much insight and leadership opportunities in these areas. I’ve been able to connect in a deeper way relationally with our students as well.

I am excited for all that I can look back on this year and reflect on what God has done. I can definitely say that I have learned to trust Him more in this season, and even with my future steps I will take. I realize now that finding God’s purpose for our life is not just about taking the perfect steps, it’s simply about being obedient to take the next step. As I graduate and move on, I’m praying that dozens of young adults will find a place of spiritual growth at the Kairos School of Ministry.

Erika White