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TAB Blog: God-Given Gifts and Talents

By April 15, 2018Uncategorized


Almost daily we hear about covert operations that are carried out under the covering of secrecy. Military planes have been designed to avoid detection by radar, a critical ability if you are piloting a plane whose mission is to deliver its payload on an enemy target. There are situations that should not be openly shared, but what about the gifts and talents that God has entrusted to us?

It is a great privilege to serve in the role of leading the Jubilee Ministry at The Tabernacle. It is interesting not only to see who has the largest collection of grandchildren pictures but to hear them talk about their desire to experience God’s presence and a desire to have Him touch their family and church family

Many have been walking with our Lord for many years but struggle in an unfamiliar role, being unable to perform the tasks that were such a normal part of earlier days. But they do have a common theme, which is the faithfulness of our Lord, and how they desire and pray that their children and grandchildren serve God.

I am continually amazed at the heart of these individuals, and their desire to have a role in The Great Commission. They are ready to respond to a call to rally around those that are in need. Despite having limited resources, it is amazing how they are willing to contribute to help someone who is unable to buy Christmas gifts, pay a utility bill, etc.

In our planning sessions, we seek ways for our group to be able to minister to those in need, especially those who are no longer able to attend services and other church activities. At one particular meeting, the conversation became focused on the number of gifted individuals within the Jubilee group. We were amazed as we learned of the artists, writers, painters, etc. that we hadn’t known. As a result, it was determined that we would attempt to feature the individual giftings at our lunches.

The April 18th Jubilee Luncheon will have Felicia Ponder sharing her ministry and gifting. Music will be provided by Burnie Scott, a favorite who’s talent and gifting has not been flying below the radar.

Our March guest wasn’t really Jubilee age, but the grandson of Marv and Louise Rupe who arranged for Christopher Rupe to be with us. Christopher co-authored “Contested Bones” with a former atheist and renowned geneticist, Dr. John Sanford of Cornell University. Despite his Christian heritage, he wondered if his parent’s faith in Christianity was misguided. At 17 years of age, he started researching topics relating to creation, evolution and the Bible. He has a burden from the Lord to preach the Gospel and bring clarity to the topic of origins.

These thoughts are not just directed to the Jubilee folk but to all ages. What has God placed in you that needs to be brought into “the light?” What is keeping you from pursuing that dream? Do you have a hobby that might be used to minister to others?

Have you even shared your desire with someone else or are you concerned that they may make fun of your idea? Don’t allow someone to steal your dream or talent. There may be someone who is looking for an opportunity to exercise their gifting by helping an emerging artist to better perfect their talent. Maybe you will encourage someone else to take that step. What is in your hand?

Pastor Al Baun