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TAB Blog: 3D Woman

By March 18, 2018Uncategorized

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study
9:30am in the Family Life Center

Privilege and Passion​ describe the wonderful opportunity of sharing the Word of God with the ladies of The Tabernacle. Here we discover the 3D dimensions of Determination, Distinction and Destiny ​God wills for all of us. At times we lose sight of discovering these virtues as we continue on in our journey in life. Truly with the unexpected events that challenge our progress, God, through His Word, provides the needed “Determination” to maintain our course.

Being created in His image with value and the “Distinction” of purpose, we realize we are important to God and chosen specifically with a plan for our lives. Now the aspect of “Destiny” is herein included and sets the goal of accomplishing the work of the Kingdom by our life. God truly honors His Word as together we trust Him when not only the unexpected challenges arise but the wonder of His glorious presence that causes us to rise above it all and know He is always there, “never leaving or forsaking us.”

We are so happy to see God’s healing power continuing to restore Sister Mari-Lee Ruddy’s foot after having such intricate surgery and now being able to walk on it somewhat. It is good to have her back with us again.
Be sure to mark your calendar for our Tabernacle Ladies Fall Luncheon on Saturday, September 22 at 11:30am at The Columns Restaurant. What a delightful and delicious time we had last year and I know it will be just the same as again we gather together. More
information and ticket sales will be forthcoming in a few months.

Please know you are so welcome to come and be with us at anytime. It is not a closed membership group and you will be warmly welcomed.

In His Name,
Wanda Reid
Mari-Lee Ruddy