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TAB Blog: Singles Ministry

By March 11, 2018Uncategorized

To Our Tab Family,

Greetings in Jesus Name! It is a privilege for us to share our hearts with you about the Singles Ministry.

Christ Covenant Singles is a ministry dedicated to walk with singles in their development of the Character of Christ, the building of healthy relationships and in experiencing wholeness in their personal lives. It’s a joy for us to facilitate an atmosphere where singles can discover their calling in the body of Christ.

The Author in Ecclesiastes 3:1 said it best “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven.” In this we know that singleness is a season and it is not our forever identity. It is in this time we develop who we are called to be. As there is preparation for every season we enter into naturally, there is preparation for our season of singleness. Being single is a natural state. We were not born and birthed into this world in a relationship; we were not married at birth. The first thing we need to understand is being single is normal. It is a part every person goes through whether you intend to get married or not. Let us not go into despair; rather let us live a full life in our singleness. It is the cry of my heart that we as singles become more in tune with God and with ourselves. Knowing how to be in a healthy relationship, setting healthy boundaries, learning who are safe people and how to resolve conflicts that might arise in relationships are all crucial. If you are in search of a community that will uplift and encourage you on your journey, join our singles community. We meet the first Friday of every month in the Fireside Cafe at 7:00pm. Let’s grow together.