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When we really sit down to think about it, mothers are on the forefront of changing history as they raise the future history makers – pastors, politicians, missionaries, teachers, medical professionals, IT workers, worship leaders, community leaders, and the list goes on. Yet how can they raise up this next generation to love God and love others, the greatest commandment we have, if they themselves are weary in the journey?

The Tabernacle Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS) ministry has become that “oasis” for moms to get the fresh cup of water they need: a time to hear a fresh word from the Lord and encouragement for the journey, a time to laugh and use our creative energies, and a time to be REAL and share the challenges we all face. Many moms who aren’t able to make it to a Sunday service or don’t even attend The Tabernacle have joined these meetings, and we have seen God changing hearts and lives through this ministry. As these moms have had their own cups filled up, they have then had that much more to pour out to their kids and family, and it’s beautiful to see.

Over the last few years we have been involved with MOPS, we have learned how to breathe again and not take ourselves too seriously as moms. We now remember what it’s like to have friends again and what it feels like to laugh. We had forgotten how healing laughter is to the heart and soul. Having girlfriends and fellow moms to lean on in the unsteady seasons of life is invaluable!

When we think about MOPS, we know how it changed our lives as moms. You don’t realize before having kids how being a mom can be a very lonely place, especially when your babies are small. You are home alone all the time, it’s hard to get out because of feedings, naps and sheer exhaustion. Participating in MOPS helped us understand that we are not alone. We are not the only moms that loved motherhood, but hated the seclusion it brought. It helped us realize that no matter what, we were absolutely doing a good job! No mom is perfect, but we all love our families perfectly. Sometimes, that is all that has to matter. MOPS is the best kept secret that we do not want to keep secret! We see moms’ lives change one at a time by simply providing community and a safe place to share our laughter, our tears, prayers for each other and feed our bodies as well as our souls. I believe that any woman who is called mom needs to check out a meeting. It has changed our lives and it can change yours!

We build circles of moms who love each other like family. Our gatherings are where moms can meet to share their hopes, fears and insights, in a format that works with their schedules, that doesn’t neglect their faith nor their womanhood, their motherhood nor their purpose, their heart nor their mind.

So no matter who you are or where you come from – whether you have five kids and have found a good rhythm in life, or are struggling to make it through the day with one child; whether you are married, single, or divorced; whether you are enjoying most days or struggling with all the daily demands – we are inviting YOU! Come check us out and bring your kids too!

We meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 9:30-11:30am in rooms 11/12 in the Family Life Center and childcare is provided. Our next meeting will be held on March 14…

We hope to see you there!
The MOPS Leadership Team
Danielle Cofta
Kaitlin Derstine
Lisa Schaefer
Cara Sobkowiak