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March 2018

TAB Blog: Palm Sunday

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Dear Tab Family

The Triumphal Entry of Christ refers to the entrance of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem on the Sunday prior to His crucifixion. John 12:13 tells us the people, “Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.” It is from this reference that we derive the name “Palm Sunday.”

This event is recorded in each of the four Gospels with each adding certain details to the account. Jesus instructed his disciples to go to a neighboring town where they would find a young donkey – a colt. Jesus mounted the animal and made His way into Jerusalem. There a large crowd applauded Him, spreading their garments and palm branches on the road. Palms were used in the various Jewish festivals as banners of rejoicing and were regarded as symbols of both beauty and prosperity. The images of palms were used in the decoration of the Temple and were part of Ezekiel’s vision of the new Temple.

This Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is of vital significance in understanding His messianic mission. The Bible teaches that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled the Old Testament promises of a perfect King. Israel’s hope for the future included a vision of a new king like David, called “the anointed one,” or “Messiah” in Hebrew. Prior to this moment, Jesus had refused to allow any public acknowledgment of His being the Messiah. By conducting His ministry outside Jerusalem, He had avoided the ongoing conflict with the religious leaders, but now, the time was at hand. The riding upon the colt, the garments and palm branches in the road, and the shouts of Hosanna from the multitude all pointed to Jesus as The Messiah – The Savior – The King!

The theme of this great day is Christ the King! We might say, that on that great day in Jerusalem, the door of heaven opened a bit so that for a brief moment His true kingship appeared to people on earth. Jesus claimed that had the people kept silent on that historic occasion, the stones would have cried out to proclaim Him King. Today we lift our voices and do just that: Proclaim that Jesus is The King, the Messiah of Israel, who has been given power and glory, whose dominion is everlasting and whose Kingdom shall never pass away.

Rejoicing in our Messiah,

Pastor Jim Ruddy

TAB Blog: 3D Woman

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Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study
9:30am in the Family Life Center

Privilege and Passion​ describe the wonderful opportunity of sharing the Word of God with the ladies of The Tabernacle. Here we discover the 3D dimensions of Determination, Distinction and Destiny ​God wills for all of us. At times we lose sight of discovering these virtues as we continue on in our journey in life. Truly with the unexpected events that challenge our progress, God, through His Word, provides the needed “Determination” to maintain our course.

Being created in His image with value and the “Distinction” of purpose, we realize we are important to God and chosen specifically with a plan for our lives. Now the aspect of “Destiny” is herein included and sets the goal of accomplishing the work of the Kingdom by our life. God truly honors His Word as together we trust Him when not only the unexpected challenges arise but the wonder of His glorious presence that causes us to rise above it all and know He is always there, “never leaving or forsaking us.”

We are so happy to see God’s healing power continuing to restore Sister Mari-Lee Ruddy’s foot after having such intricate surgery and now being able to walk on it somewhat. It is good to have her back with us again.
Be sure to mark your calendar for our Tabernacle Ladies Fall Luncheon on Saturday, September 22 at 11:30am at The Columns Restaurant. What a delightful and delicious time we had last year and I know it will be just the same as again we gather together. More
information and ticket sales will be forthcoming in a few months.

Please know you are so welcome to come and be with us at anytime. It is not a closed membership group and you will be warmly welcomed.

In His Name,
Wanda Reid
Mari-Lee Ruddy

TAB Blog: Singles Ministry

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To Our Tab Family,

Greetings in Jesus Name! It is a privilege for us to share our hearts with you about the Singles Ministry.

Christ Covenant Singles is a ministry dedicated to walk with singles in their development of the Character of Christ, the building of healthy relationships and in experiencing wholeness in their personal lives. It’s a joy for us to facilitate an atmosphere where singles can discover their calling in the body of Christ.

The Author in Ecclesiastes 3:1 said it best “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven.” In this we know that singleness is a season and it is not our forever identity. It is in this time we develop who we are called to be. As there is preparation for every season we enter into naturally, there is preparation for our season of singleness. Being single is a natural state. We were not born and birthed into this world in a relationship; we were not married at birth. The first thing we need to understand is being single is normal. It is a part every person goes through whether you intend to get married or not. Let us not go into despair; rather let us live a full life in our singleness. It is the cry of my heart that we as singles become more in tune with God and with ourselves. Knowing how to be in a healthy relationship, setting healthy boundaries, learning who are safe people and how to resolve conflicts that might arise in relationships are all crucial. If you are in search of a community that will uplift and encourage you on your journey, join our singles community. We meet the first Friday of every month in the Fireside Cafe at 7:00pm. Let’s grow together.


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When we really sit down to think about it, mothers are on the forefront of changing history as they raise the future history makers – pastors, politicians, missionaries, teachers, medical professionals, IT workers, worship leaders, community leaders, and the list goes on. Yet how can they raise up this next generation to love God and love others, the greatest commandment we have, if they themselves are weary in the journey?

The Tabernacle Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS) ministry has become that “oasis” for moms to get the fresh cup of water they need: a time to hear a fresh word from the Lord and encouragement for the journey, a time to laugh and use our creative energies, and a time to be REAL and share the challenges we all face. Many moms who aren’t able to make it to a Sunday service or don’t even attend The Tabernacle have joined these meetings, and we have seen God changing hearts and lives through this ministry. As these moms have had their own cups filled up, they have then had that much more to pour out to their kids and family, and it’s beautiful to see.

Over the last few years we have been involved with MOPS, we have learned how to breathe again and not take ourselves too seriously as moms. We now remember what it’s like to have friends again and what it feels like to laugh. We had forgotten how healing laughter is to the heart and soul. Having girlfriends and fellow moms to lean on in the unsteady seasons of life is invaluable!

When we think about MOPS, we know how it changed our lives as moms. You don’t realize before having kids how being a mom can be a very lonely place, especially when your babies are small. You are home alone all the time, it’s hard to get out because of feedings, naps and sheer exhaustion. Participating in MOPS helped us understand that we are not alone. We are not the only moms that loved motherhood, but hated the seclusion it brought. It helped us realize that no matter what, we were absolutely doing a good job! No mom is perfect, but we all love our families perfectly. Sometimes, that is all that has to matter. MOPS is the best kept secret that we do not want to keep secret! We see moms’ lives change one at a time by simply providing community and a safe place to share our laughter, our tears, prayers for each other and feed our bodies as well as our souls. I believe that any woman who is called mom needs to check out a meeting. It has changed our lives and it can change yours!

We build circles of moms who love each other like family. Our gatherings are where moms can meet to share their hopes, fears and insights, in a format that works with their schedules, that doesn’t neglect their faith nor their womanhood, their motherhood nor their purpose, their heart nor their mind.

So no matter who you are or where you come from – whether you have five kids and have found a good rhythm in life, or are struggling to make it through the day with one child; whether you are married, single, or divorced; whether you are enjoying most days or struggling with all the daily demands – we are inviting YOU! Come check us out and bring your kids too!

We meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 9:30-11:30am in rooms 11/12 in the Family Life Center and childcare is provided. Our next meeting will be held on March 14…

We hope to see you there!
The MOPS Leadership Team
Danielle Cofta
Kaitlin Derstine
Lisa Schaefer
Cara Sobkowiak