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Pastor’s Pen: The Next Generation

By October 29, 2017Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

God is raising up a generation of believers who are seeking real truth. Those who want a real, genuine encounter with their Father. As our culture continues to get clouded, and the enemy continues to strike strategically, we are in the midst of a young adult movement.

The Lord is preparing both those who grew up in the church, and those who are newly saved to step into a new hunger for Him. He’s preparing his children to live with boldness, fire, and passion for His kingdom.

In the midst of this new and fresh outpouring that is coming, God is asking the older generations to partner with what He’s doing. The older generation has a unique opportunity: to step into their sonship and to be the much needed spiritual mothers and fathers for this next generation.

As a millennial, I want to encourage you and also challenge you to pray and walk into what God is doing. There’s a hunger for guidance, wisdom, and mentorship that spiritual mothers and fathers have the opportunity to provide. Many of us at this age have this desire to be mentored and sowed into, but the enemy may hold us back. We are either too afraid to speak up, or have pushed this desire deep down to try and ignore it.

Please don’t let the enemy discourage you in these times, but yet rather begin to walk in your identity and destiny. As a millennial, I challenge you to continue to push past the lies of the enemy and seek the Lord’s truth. As an individual from an older generation, please be praying for our country, wisdom for this next generation, and pursue youth who are hungry for mentorship and guidance!

As the new Young Adult Director of The Tabernacle, I’m beyond thrilled with the small beginnings of our young adult ministry, Activate. God has already done such amazing things with the group, and I firmly believe that He’s preparing to call back a generation who has been missed. A generation who has not just been missed in The Tabernacle, but all around our country. It’s all of our jobs, both young and old, to come together and walk ever so deeper with what the Father has already begun to do!

Many Blessings,

Andrew Thiel