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August 2017

Pastor’s Pen: Kairos School of Ministry

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Tabernacle family,

What an exciting moment in history at The Tabernacle. Today launches the 2nd official year of the Kairos School of Ministry. As many of you may know, in 1977, Bishop Tommy Reid founded the Buffalo School of the Bible to fill the need of biblical education for the thousands of new Charismatic Christians who were being saved. It began with one class and grew to a curriculum that produced the “School of the Prophets” experience that raised up a new generation of leaders. It became one of the premier local church centered Bible Schools. The most important legacy of the Buffalo School of the Bible is that thousands of students were able to complete the program because it was local, affordable, and provided high-level learning and discipleship. Many of the graduates of Buffalo School of the Bible are still in ministry today serving the Lord all over the world.

Many years later and a few towns away, Bishop Robert Stearns founded the Eagles’ Wings 9-month Internship program. The Lord spoke to Bishop Robert about discipling the next generation in the spirit of Elijah’s “School of the Prophets.” Little did he know that God would begin sending young adults to Eagles’ Wings from all over the world to participate in a ministry internship. A community of traveling ministers who did life together was born. Hundreds of graduates from dozens of nations have been impacted by this program.

Now, after almost 40 years since the founding of the Buffalo School of the Bible and 20 years since the Eagles’ Wings internship launched, the Kairos School of Ministry is being launched here on our campus. I am so excited about the future of the Kairos School of Ministry here at The Tabernacle. As a church family we’ve been contending for a spiritual legacy for our children and grandchildren and I believe the young people discipled through this school will play a major role in seeing that promise come to pass. Will you welcome with fresh faith our new students for this year’s school year?

For Messiah, and the Next Generation,

Pastor Mark Passarella

Pastor’s Pen: Children’s Ministries

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The Tabernacle has a long history of ministry to children and families. Many of the adults who sit in our pews on Sunday mornings grew up in the Sunday School classes where their own children now worship and learn. We have been blessed with excellent staff and volunteers who have enriched the lives of our children.

Southwestern Daycare Center is a part of that heritage. The daycare center, owned and operated by The Tabernacle, has served the church and the community for over 50 years. Just like the church, the daycare has served generations of families. With a dedicated staff of nurturing teachers, the center’s small classes appeal to those who prefer a more individualized approach to child care. All of our teachers know all of the children and we work together to meet each child’s needs.

A unique feature of Southwestern is the availability of flexible scheduling. We work hard to accommodate the needs of our families. Some children attend all day five days a week and others only attend one day a week. Working parents often do not have a choice about their schedules and we are willing to work with them as much as possible.

If you know someone who is looking for child care, please tell them to give us a call at 675-0019. We are open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 6:00pm. We offer full-time care for children from 6 weeks through 5 years of age. Lower elementary students attend before and after school, as well as during vacations and holidays.

Our Tabernacle preschool children’s ministry serves infants through age 4. Activities include Sunday morning classes at 10:00, Sunday evening child care for children who are not yet in school, and Rainbows on Tuesday evenings. If your child is not already involved, I encourage you to stop by and see us. We have great teachers and the children love their classes.

If you are looking for a ministry area where you can serve, please consider the preschool department. We can always use helpers who are willing to work about once a month. Trust me when I tell you that nothing is more rewarding than working with little children, sharing the love of Jesus and teaching Biblical truths. Every time you serve, you will leave with joy in your heart and a story to tell!

Pamela Kellner,
Director of Christian Education and Southwestern Daycare Center

Pastor’s Pen: From Pastor Erin

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

Well, this is a bittersweet moment. As most of you know, my husband, Jared, has accepted the Lead Pastor position at Elim Gospel Church in Lima, NY. I am so proud of him and this new position he will be taking, and we are confident the Lord is directing us into a new season of life and ministry. While we are excited to start a new adventure, we are also sad to say goodbye to all of the friends we have made at The Tabernacle.

When I began 2 ½ years ago as the Children’s Pastor, it was my first, full-time ministry position. I have learned so much, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. I have loved working with this group of kids, seeing them grow up, and especially seeing some of them become leaders. I have developed amazing relationships with my leaders and families for which I am eternally grateful. The Tabernacle is certainly blessed with wonderful parents who love God and care for their children.

I want to thank everyone who has served in any capacity in the Christian Education Department, including Tab Kids leaders, Family Night leaders, and workers at special events. Your hard work and dedication have not only made my job easier, but also very enjoyable. I want to give special thanks to Pam Kellner who oversees the Childhood Education areas at The Tab. She has been a constant source of encouragement and support, and has added greatly to my joy as I have served your children.

It is my joy to hand the baton of leadership to Adam Batt who is assuming the role as your new Interim Children’s Pastor. Adam led our Tab Kids Ministry when I was on maternity leave, and has been transitioning with me since the beginning of August. I’m sure the Lord has great things in store for the children who will be receiving from his ministry. Thank you for giving Pastor Adam, Kristen and their children a warm welcome as they enter this new season..

Finally, please keep my family in your prayers as we step forward in the will of God. We love you all and will miss you tremendously!


Pastor Erin

Pastor’s Pen: Kids Camp 2017

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Pirates! Pirates! And more pirates! This week the Pirates of Pursuit are invading Kids Camp on their “Search for the Truest Treasure!” Come meet Dinah, Doug, Sparky, O’Malley, Chunk, Bubbles, Hubert, Boo & a crazy parrot named Polly as this cast of mis-fit pirates navigate the unpredictable waters of the 7 seas.

Far across the land and sea, the Truest Treasure calls to thee
Like a sirens song it draws men’s heart to its side.
Many trials there’ll be if you long to see the only treasure of its kind.
But beware, for this treasure so rare…all who seek will find.

Kids love adventures! In fact, inside all of us, we love adventures, we love looking for hidden treasures. You don’t have to go far to find some. Sometimes it just requires a drive down memory lane. My dad has boxes full of treasures … all you have to do is rummage through the old scrapbooks my grandfather put together and you find treasures of the evidence of God’s power! Pictures and more pictures of their travels as “the Reid Crusade” … countless labeled photographs and newspaper clippings. You see pictures of lives transformed, bodies healed, all evidence of the power of God on display. It is the true story of miraculous ministry and family fun, all documented to be passed from generation to generation.

Treasures are found sometimes in the most unlikely of places. Think of the TV show, “American Pickers”, where Mike and Frank drive around the country to find treasures hidden in heaping piles of what looks like junk … but with each item they find, there is a rich story, a history, a legacy to be discovered and passed on.

If you are willing to dig for it, with each treasure acquired your life becomes richer and more rooted.

Jesus speaks of the Truest of all Treasures in Matthew 13:45-46. The Passion Translation reads, “Heaven’s kingdom realm is also like a jewel merchant in search of rare pearls. when he discovered one very precious and exquisite pearl, he immediately gave up all he had in exchange for it.”

The Ultimate Treasure we seek is found in the arms of Jesus. When we fall into His arms and surrender our lives to Him, He in turn gives to us the most precious and exquisite pearl of great price — His Kingdom! This Kingdom will never fade away, it will never disappoint or be void of power to transform. With this Kingdom comes healing, restoration, fulfillment, covenant promises, mercy, power, love and the ultimate gift of the King of kings and Lord of lords Himself!

Set your sights, focus your scope, fix your gaze on the Kingdom … on the King of the Kingdom … and you will find the Ultimate Truest Treasure!

Join us and/or pray for the countless children who will discover the Truest Treasure all this week at Kids Camp 2017!

Pastor Aimee