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Pastor’s Pen: Engage

By July 16, 2017Uncategorized

Dear Tabernacle Family,

Are you ready to ENGAGE? This week hundreds of people will come onto our Campus to take part in the Eagles’ Wings East Coast Conference. Many will have traveled from different States to be part of what is certain to be a destiny-shaping time in the Presence of The LORD! I’m sure you agree that we are privileged to host such a significant gathering and to play such an important role in welcoming the Holy Spirit to fill His Tabernacle. As your Pastor, I’m inviting and encouraging you to do everything possible to ensure that you are part of both the daytime and evening sessions. I’m confident God will respond to your grace-filled effort and meet you during these life-transforming meetings.

With the theme of the Conference being “ENGAGE,” I found several definitions of that word to be revealing. Consider a few of them with me and see if you too can hear something from The Spirit.

Engage (Definitions)

1: to offer something as backing for a cause or aim;
– He engaged his all in the king’s cause.
2: to come together and interlock;
– It is important to engage the gears.
3: to do or take part in something;
– We should engage in healthy activity.
4: to bind someone to do something;
– She is engaged to be married!
6: to hold the attention of;
– He is fully engaged in his work.
7: to enter a contest or battle;
– It’s time to engage the enemy.

As I review the various meanings of the word ENGAGE, my expectancy rises concerning these days we have set aside to be with The LORD. We will gather this week: Bringing our all for the cause of the King; Interlocking our hearts to one another and Binding them to the will of God; We’ll Take Part and Give our full attention to what the Holy Spirit is doing in this hour; and Stand against the powers of darkness in order to see men and women set free from the work of the enemy and fully enter the Kingdom of God!

Well, there you have it! Every reason to determine today that you will ENGAGE your heart and be part of these set days in God’s House. I’m confident The LORD will honor our faith-filled hunger by meeting us personally and powerfully in each of these meetings. Let’s ENGAGE!

Looking forward to being with you,

Pastor Jim Ruddy