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Pastor’s Pen: Daddy, You Taught Me to Live My Life in 3D Color

By June 18, 2017Uncategorized

Greetings to My Tabernacle Family:

This is “Father’s Day” and I am ministering at Northgate Church with Pastor and Mrs. John Hasselbeck. However, today Pastor Ruddy has asked me to share with you as a spiritual father of this house.

When Jesus taught us to pray he was insistent that we use the name “Father” when we addressed God. Our Father was the creator of everything that exists. Being made in the image of God, a Father has the ability to CREATE HIS CHILD IN “HIS IMAGE”. The amazing truth that this conveys to me is since we are the “image of God,” we have been given the ability to create a new life for our children. Not only does an earthly father create life by providing his physical seed, but all through our journey as a father we “CREATE LIFE IN OUR CHILDREN”.

When I think of my father, I think of a creative, entrepreneurial person. And as a creative person, he created amazing things inside of me. I am a product of the life that he created by his very actions. Yes, because of his physical seed I am the recreation of the image of Albert Reid. Yet there is something else he created inside of me that you can see in me today. I am the living model of the man my father created in me.

In the natural, I am a shy, backward, bland, boring person. My father was colorful and exciting and I was not. He was full of life and excitement, I was not. He did life in full color, I did life in greys and blacks. But my father spent a lifetime teaching me to live life to its fullest.

He lived his life on and in the water, I was afraid of water, so he bought me my first boat when I was 15 years of age. When I shopped for my first car, he took me to look at convertibles, bright yellow and red ones. When we looked for a family car around my 16th birthday, my Dad took us to a showroom where I saw a two passenger sports car that was my dream car. My mother looked at the car and then turned and said to my Dad, “Let’s buy it, I can sit on that hump in the middle. “ Then she added, “all three of us can ride together in “style.” We never bought that car, it was too impractical, but they both said to me, “take the restrictions off, love and enjoy life.”

When I was small and afraid of lightning, my Dad would bring the ‘37 Ford around to the front of our house and say, “get in, let’s go and watch the lightning.” As we drove through the beauty of the storm, all three of us would celebrate the lightning and the thunder. I was learning to see the beauty of the storm. Dad (who was an artist) said it was like a beautiful painting that God was painting for us to enjoy. He would remind me how Jesus loved to ride in a boat in the middle of the storm.

No wonder I love fun. No wonder I love convertibles, sports cars and fast boats. No wonder I love to enjoy life. My Daddy made me that way.

I think my Daddy was like God. He showed me how not to be afraid, he was afraid of nothing. He taught me his way was better than mine. I thought in grey and black, my Daddy taught me to think in color. He taught me to live life to its fullest, to live it in color. “Daddy, you got your life from God……and you gave me the model for living life like God.”

“Daddy, it has been over 40 years since I have seen you, but you were so full of life that I can never forget the man who taught me to live. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy up there in heaven, you made me who I am, THANK YOU…..My life would be in black and white, but you taught me to live it in color. I can’t wait to see you, you must really be exciting now after over 40 years in heaven.”

Tommy Reid, Bishop Emeritus