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May 2017

Pastor’s Pen: Our Journey

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Dear Tabernacle Family,

It’s hard to believe our JOURNEY Capital Stewardship Campaign is wrapping up today. It seems like yesterday we were walking together to the Altar of Commitment and pledging our hearts to become better stewards of our time, talents, treasures and testimonies for the glory of God. Hopefully during these two years we have helped you grow in these graces, as well as deepen your relationship with God and others within our Congregation.

We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to everyone who had a part in making this venture such an amazing success. Our Campaign Leadership Team, headed by Jim and Natalie Neumann, served tirelessly to ensure we all walked in step with the Holy Spirit. At the same time, Giona Paolercio and Jay Sych helped guide the vast improvements that were made on our campus. We owe a debt of gratitude to these individuals and the scores of others who served in various capacities.

It is important that you realize the integral part you played in the success of this Campaign. The campus updates, some very costly and many unseen, are vital to our stepping into the fullness of God’s plan for The Tabernacle. Your generous gifts have provided a greater platform for ministry to our Congregation and Community. Please receive our sincere thanks and appreciation for every prayer you have prayed and every dollar you have given, enabling us to walk together, from Legacy to Destiny!

Because there are still many improvements that need to be made, our responsibilities will continue even though our JOURNEY Campaign has ended. Our plan is to address these needs, as the Lord enables, through any future donations to our “Building Fund.” While some major projects will probably have to wait until a new Capital Campaign is opened, we will be faithful in stewarding any future contributions you make to our “Building Fund.” Today’s Project Offering has been designated for the JOURNEY. Please use this occasion, if necessary, to fulfill your initial pledge, or to do something further for our Campaign.

Also, please plan to join us on Sunday evening, June 11th at 6:00pm for our JOURNEY Celebration “Under the Stars!” This joyful evening of music, food and fellowship will give us time to rehearse many of the good things God has done.

Finally, although our Campaign is ending, our JOURNEY together will continue, growing from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory. Please know that we are grateful we have the privilege of making this JOURNEY with you!

With joy and appreciation,

Bishop Robert Stearns Pastor Jim Ruddy

Pastor’s Pen: Kairos Book & Gift Shop

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Good Morning Tabernacle Family!

I am so honored to be able to share with you this morning about our Kairos Book & Gift Shop Ministry. This year we will be celebrating our third year as a revitalized ministry at The Tab. It is our joy to equip our congregation and community with biblical solutions for life. Here’s a summary of our vision and values.

• Trustworthy – We believe the Bible is the eternal, inerrant Word of God, and is the plumb line for all our resources (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

• Collaborative – We seek to work with believers in Christ to discover the best biblical solutions for life. The team of the bookstore works together as one to fulfill this purpose (Ecc. 4:9-10).

• Innovative – The Bible is unchanging, but church practices and the needs of Christians change over time. We seek to meet the changing needs through wise risk-taking, innovation, and excellence (1 Cor. 9:22-23).

• Comprehensive – We seek to provide a wide array of resources to meet the needs of the congregation and community (Lu, 12:48b).

• Transformational – We seek to provide the best resources to be a part of the process of spiritually transforming believers (2 Cor. 3:18).

• Spirit of Excellence – We are constantly redefining our goals, expectations, boundaries, and potential (Tit. 2:7).

The success of our ministry depends upon a team of people who willingly serve to fulfill our calling. Every week our amazing team of volunteers shows up with a smile and a serving heart. Volunteering provides opportunities, not only to connect with people, but to encourage or assist others in the process. Our team often relates the blessing it is to serve and how they have connected with so many people. Whether you have one day free or an hour each week open to volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to serve. Your one or two day-per-month commitment can assist with customer sales on Sundays and during special events. We also need volunteers who can offer flexible, weekly hours for various bookstore upkeep. If you’re a people person and interested in serving, please stop in and talk to me or one of our Team Members.

Be blessed as we worship together today!

In Him,

Michael Wulf
Kairos Book & Gift Shop Director


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