Pastor’s Pen: Apart, But Still A Part!

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As many of you know, Mari-Lee and I are traveling on a wonder-filled 35th Anniversary Trip that we have dreamed of for many years. Throughout our marriage, we have learned to celebrate the joys of our relationship, and as this milestone year approached, we knew it called for something extra-special. We started with a beautiful vow renewal, and many of you blessed us by attending that brief, but me ...

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“When Temples Fall” by Bishop Robert Stearns

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Through this sermon Bishop Robert Stearns issues a timely challenge. Today (July 26, 2015) is the ninth of Av on the Jewish Calendar. It is a very sad day because of the numerous and remarkable challenges and difficulties they faced on this day through the ages. The destruction of the Jewish Temple being among them. There are times when it seems as though our worlds are crumbling around us. We ...

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