“When Temples Fall” by Bishop Robert Stearns

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Through this sermon Bishop Robert Stearns issues a timely challenge. Today (July 26, 2015) is the ninth of Av on the Jewish Calendar. It is a very sad day because of the numerous and remarkable challenges and difficulties they faced on this day through the ages. The destruction of the Jewish Temple being among them. There are times when it seems as though our worlds are crumbling around us. We ...

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Pastor’s Pen: Journey Off the Map

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As you know our “JOURNEY OFF THE MAP” KIDS CAMP opens tomorrow morning and continues through Friday, daily from 9:00am – Noon. Pastor Erin and her amazing team are ready to welcome the scores of children who will be taking the JOURNEY to know Jesus more and more. What is especially exciting about this outreach is that it is designed to be a shared experience. No child will walk alone, but ...

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