“First Fruits” by Bishop Robert Stearns

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In this timely morning message Bishop Robert Stearns takes us back to the book of Deuteronomy 26 where we find God giving clear direction for bringing the first fruits offerings to His House. As we approach Thanksgiving we are to not only pause and express our gratitude towards God for His many blessings and provisions, but let us also find direction from the Word of the Lord as to how He is ca ...

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Pastor’s Pen: Thanks Be to God!

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Dear Tabernacle Family, The Book of Romans is perhaps the most powerful treatise regarding man’s salvation in all of Scripture. The Apostle Paul, acting like a prosecuting attorney, presents a legal argument on God’s behalf, regarding the universal guilt of all mankind. In building his case, Paul explains – God has established a moral Law that each and every one of us have violated in one ...

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