“Waiting on the Lord” by Bishop Robert Stearns

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In this morning message Bishop Stearns speaks from his heart drawing from Psalm 40 verses 1 through 3. We live in a society which can quite concisely be defined as instantaneous self gratification. The amount of technological advancements our world has experienced in the last 100 to 150 years truly boggles the mind. If you think about how the average person lived their life 100 years ago and wh ...

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Pastor’s Pen: Secure in the Storm

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Dear Tabernacle Family, Greetings today from another location on Southwestern Boulevard; my temporary residence for the past few weeks, Autumn View Health Care Facility, where I am rehabbing from the damage done through a recent fall. As I considered what topic to address with this Pastor’s Pen, I thought about several subjects that might be apropos for the season in which I find myself. ...

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